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Welcome to Envytechblog Contributor Network. Where you can publish you public opinion and share them with the vast audience. We believe in sharing the naive and honest opinion on growing technology and the challenges we face everyday from it. 

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Here at Envytechblog, we allow content which is related to mobile and computer technology. 

Whether it is about new mobile appupcoming video game, a how to article, or money making way through online website. 

We support any tech related article written for the audience; which is fresh new and has potential to make life easier

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We have design some conditions in order to share the high quality content and prevent our blog from spammy articles. 


  1. Your article should have proper formatting which includes – Main Heading, Sub Heading, Sub Sub Headings (if required).
  2. We don’t care about number of words, but your article should be complete and convey proper message.
  3. No overused review, tips, tricks, tutorials and How to. Don’t come up with the *5 best android apps for blogging* like articles. It is now everywhere.
  4. Be creative with articles, if you have to write *5 best android apps for blogging*, do some research and bring fresh/unheard apps. 
  5. No promotional review will be posted for free. This is paid feature which cost $6 for a 500-800 words review.
  6. Only one link to your blog site will be published on you post. 
  7. No post written by SEO agencies will be allowed even for a price. In case you want a link to be posted, contact us. 


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