Wizely App Review : What is Wizely, Is it a Scam? How to Use?


Ever heard of Wizely App?

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If you’re on instagram, facebook and you likely to search for digital/mobile bank. Then I am 100% sure you have seen Wizely ads on those social medias. Wizely App, which is highly advertised as money saving app for shopping is available for Android and iOS.

What is Wizely App?

The answer is, it help you to save your money on a digital current-account like bank.


*Which gives you no interest at all*.

But have its own benefit. What are the benefits and why you should use Wizely India for shopping-saving and is Wizely scam. You will read in this Wizely app review article.

Why to use Wizely?

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Are you saving money for your next laptop/mobile/gaming console/marriage/spa/holiday vacation/steve maden high heels/or any thing else? Save Wizely. Now before I start with why to, just look at how to save money with Wizely goal.

How to Save Money via Mobile App

With Wizely mobile app. You can create an account and setup a goal.

A goal can be anything with a certain time limit of upto 300 days. A goal can be of any amount possible for you to save. Likely 5000-25000.

Once you done with goal. You can start loading money on it. Your goal will show you how much amount you need to save to achieve it. With a progress bar to monitor your progress every day.

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You can also customize goal by putting an image of the product to get daily motivation.

Why to use Wizely to save Money over traditional saving accounts?


As I already discussed. Wizely does not pay any interest on your hard earned saving.

If you are saving 500 monthly. Don’t expect wizely to pay any interest amount on it.

Then why?

Wizely is made for shopper – savers (or whatever you like to call’em). And it works for them.

Wizely has a score system to motivate savers to keep on using their app.

Suppose, if you’re saving for Sons SRS-XB10 speaker which has MRP of around 3000 and you have selected 300 days for it. You need to save atleast Rs.10 everyday for 300 days.

What are theย wizely app benefits then?

wizely score milestone

For every saving you will get Wizely score. The wizely score is the game changer here. It has different levels for different saving amount. Suppose, you have saved 3000 and you are in black tier. You will get 15% additional amount of your Rs.3000.

To avail the balance for shopping purpose. You have to buy gift voucher of particular site from the Collective.

wizely collective deals
Wizely Collective’s

Suppose you have completed Rs.3000 by being in black tier. You will get gift voucher of Rs.3450 (3000 + 15% of 3000). This is how it benefit customers.

For every saving of Rs.20, it gives 10 points.

If you have added your display picture and goal picture. You will get additional score of 10 point each.

For updating email address you will get 10 points.

Now come to the Earn Score section.

You will be presented by monthly or weekly Special offers which can give your 50-60 points easily. By saving a particular amount, say 100 or above.

Then comes the SAVE tab which give your regular point score of 20. Also you can avail 1 point for adding aby amount say Re.1.

Then come CHALLENGE which gives your 5-10 point for a small challenge and adding cash.

TASKS is adding picture and stuff which I have already discussed.

Us your financial skill to earn most from the score point. Because, in the end. It is the only way to get most out of this app.

Is Wizely a SCAM?


Now come to the main point of this wizely review. Is wizely app safe? a scam or fraud app?

Technically, the answer is no. It is not a scam but it is not really helpful for non shoppers either.

Wizely comes from India based company………

This app may using your money for providing loan or their own self interest which I am not sure about. But return your money on request or provide gift voucher instantly.

You can bank upon their app and their service.

How to get Money Back from Wizely?

wizely refund money

If you have collected enough money and still you don’t want to purchase anything online. You can get your money back easily. Using the same payment option you used while top-up (In my case, I used PhonePe). Without any penalty. Plus, there is no lock in period for your money.

wizely refund

You can load the amount any time and unload it as well.

Final Words


If you want to buy anything online and collecting money for it. You have an another option to open RD and earn interest from it. Though both RD and Wizely has their own advantages. Like RD help you earn interest and Wizely gives you gift voucher of upto 15% additional amount.

In a general case, for electronics and other items like furniture. Wizely is a better option of saving money.

For general items like Birthday party, hangouts, you should choose other saving options, RD or MF whatever you prefer.

That’s all my opinion and an honest review on Wizely app. Now its up to you to put your judgement on it, make sure to use the comment box.

Thanks & have a great day, you’ll hear from me the next time.


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