Vortex Cloud Gaming Review : ūüéģ Play GTA V on Android & Chrome


Vortex Cloud Gaming Review :

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Vortex cloud gaming app let your stream your favorite games. They have a good amount of gaming titles ranging from The Witcher 3,  Fortnite, PUBG PC, Leagues of Legends, Saints Row 4,  to indies game like Cry of Fear, Inside, Total accurate Battleground and more. The purpose of the cloud gaming is to make high quality games available for android and low end desktop, laptops.

Also, to make full use of Mac. With the help of cloud gaming app you can play video games on chrome as well. Yeah, seriously.

But, not all game can played with just subscription. Before we tell you why and how. First see how can you stream these games on your phone.

Int his vortex cloud gaming review you will read how to make account, price, available titles free or paid and how to avail its refund.

How to Play Cloud Games on Android with Vortex?

In order to getting started, first you have to download the vortex app from play store.


  1. The company does not offer Vortex cloud gaming free trial. It cost you $9.99 or Rs.690 in India.So, if you are not planning to spend any money. This is not for you.
  2. You must have a good internet connection. In order to play HD titles, you must have atleast 8-10Mbps internet connection. If you’re not sure whether or not you are able to play game. Go to vortex site and check ping test. If your connection is poor, you will only able to play few games like Team Fortress 2 or H1Z1, Dota 3, Leagues of Legends. But for high quality games go with strong connection only.
  3. An android phone with atleast 8x CPU and 3GB RAM or a computer with atleast 4GB RAM.

So, lets get started with Vortex Cloud Gaming

,,vortex app download

Don’t download¬†vortex cloud gaming mod apk or hack apk type of apps listed on some cheap quality blog/site. It is not possible to mod this game by any mean. There are just youtubers who just want to scam you in order to earn money.

After downloading the app.

Open the app and register with your email id.

Also, visit steam website and create your account. Just make a simple username and password. It is not required to use the same email account as this cloud gaming app. Just make with any account but keep simple. Because you need it to play games. Unless you have saved any progress you need to login to steam while playing game every time.

Once you have setup your steam account and linked with vortex, its time to play the game.

Click on any title and the new page will be opened. If you’re in browser like me, the “play in browser” button will be visible to you. Due to my low end system, I am not able to record gaming video. All I can share you is screenshot.

fruits of a feather

If you have poor connection, you won’t be able to play any game. If any one works, that is just a pure luck. Just make sure to have atleast 8-10Mbps internet connection to stream the game.

In the above screenshot I am playing the game “Fruits of a Feather“. It does not requires high speed internet connection or top notch system requirement. But, it does not worth your Rs.690 as well. (duh)


How to play GTA V, Far Cry 5, Skyrim and Other AAA Games using Vortex

Good question, but they are not free even after subscription of vortex cloud gaming account. You need to purchase them from steam first then only you can play these games.

vortex cloud gaming gta v
Vortex Cloud Gaming GTA 5

Though vortex cloud gaming does not purchased any license from AAA games. Its now upto you to acquire one and start playing such games. The only reason why the other are free because they are already listed on indie gaming website for no price or are mods like Cry of Fear.

Now back to playing AAA gaming title like GTA V on android phone.

In order to do so.

  1. Open Steam and buy your favorite game. Not all games are available on Vortex so make sure to check the list before buying.
  2. Go to Your Open vortex app and swipe to right > Click on link steam account.
  3. The next window will ask you to link your steam account through steam website. Enter username and password and proceed. Grant access to vortex to use your steam data.
  4. Restart the app and if you already purchased the game, it will list it as included rather than license required.
  5. Click on Play and play in your app.

Vortex Cloud Games List

Here are all the games available in vortex games library which you can stream.

vortex cloud gaming library

Title Availability
Grand Theft Auto  V License Required
Shadow of the Tomb Raider License Required
The Witcher 3 License Required
Monster Hunter World License Required
Fortnite Included
CS:GO Included
League of Legends (LoL) Included
H1Z1 Included
Team Fortress 2 Included
SMITE Included
Paladins Included
Dead by Daylight License Required
No¬†Man’s¬†Sky License¬†Required
Fallout Shelter Included
Fractured Space Included
Estranged Act 1 Included
Batman¬†–¬†The¬†Telltale¬†Series Included
Expendabros Included
Life is Strange Included
Assassins¬†Creed¬†:¬†Director’s¬†Cut License¬†Required
Inside License Required
Castle Crashers License Required
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood License Required
Cry of Fear Included
Black Desert Online Included
Guild Wars 2 Included
Assassins Creed IV Black Flag License Required
Nomad Included
Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain License Required
Saint Row 4 License Required
Civilization V License Required
Rocket League License Required

There are few more games on vortex games library which I have not included.

Can I Stream Vortex with JIO 4G Prepaid/Postpaid plan?

Unless you have Jio Giga Fibre, don’t expect your 398 4G prepaid/postpaid will help you stream vortex games. If you’re limited to mobile internet I suggest you to not snag your money on its hefty subscription.

Thanks me later.

Refund Policy ; Must Read

Before you snag your $9.9 in google pay and purchase vortex cloud gaming account. It is important to know about refund policy. Yes, the company do refund but there policy is just too bad.

In case you already purchased the subscription but somehow won’t able to load the game. Either because of low internet connection or dull processing speed. Or, you have not find the appealing titles on their library. You can ask for refund. But only if,

  • Your total playtime is less than 15 minutes.
  • The above condition matched and refund requested withing 14 days.

Yes, 15 minutes of playtime. It does not matter whether you able to load the game or not. But their timer start since you clicked on Play Game. This is some horrible refund policy anyone ever seen.

If you like to see your playtime. Here is how to do that.

Its under Vortex.GG/account/profile on the right side block where you link account is mentioned. Check below screenshot.

vortex cloud gaming refund

All in all vortex cloud gaming refund is a nightmare if you are not able to make with it.

Is Vortex Cloud Gaming Worth the Money

If you have lot of time to play games. If you have high speed internet connection but potato laptop. Then it worth the money you spend on it.

There are lots of title you can play without purchasing them from steam. Otherwise you can buy a game from Steam and stream it on your low end pc/laptop.

It worth the money if only you have money to spend on internet, otherwise stick with regular APK’s from play store.

Vortex Review
  • User Interface
  • Pricing
  • Refund Policy
  • Games Lisiting
  • Worth for Money


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