10 Amazing vivo Funtouch OS Tricks which Blow your F***ing Mind


Funtouch OS is very well made custom OS for Android. Unlike Color OS, Funtouch OS is designed keeping the iOS fluid and responsive UI in mind. The only downfall is that it is very storage consuming and has very limited themes.

Vivo makes it everything to keep battery and CPU load low. By doing this they are able to achieve longer battery life and least heating. I am so glad to say that my Vivo Y53 passed extreme battery torture test benchmarking, how about you? Give the test to examine your phone.
Anyway, my main concern is to share 10 amazing funtouch OS tricks which totally amaze. You might knew or encountered with these funtouch OS tricks already. If not then hesitate to try this in your vivo mobile.

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Counting up 10 Amazing vivo Mobile Funtouch OS Tricks

Trick #1 ~ Dynamic Effects in Music Player

Have you ever used Viper4Android? It comes with dynamic sound system feature. Explanation: you can choose any earphone from the list to use their sound effects. Dynamically. Vivo music player iMusic has this feature too but limited to few dynamic effects only.

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To enable it open iMusic > Settings (gear icon on top-left) > Audio effects > Enable BBE > BBE mode > choose any from top menu or configure your own.

Trick #2 ~ Changing iMusic Theme

You can change theme for iMusic player. iMusic theme only change the now playing window, you library still be white.

For this open iMusic > from bottom right tap on ellipse (…) > Theme > Select Layout and Apply.

Trick #3 ~ Enable Developer Mode & Live Time CPU

I have merged these both because it can be done from same page.
Enabling developer mode in vivo is a bit different. Unlike AOSP where you need to tap build number 7 times, in vivo you have to tap software version. In order to open developer mode in vivo funtouch OS follow the path.

Settings > More settings > About phone > Tap Software Version 7 times

Live time CPU will show the CPU usage in live time. With it you won’t need to download third party app to check CPU usage. However, it is very limited to just reading. In order to view.

In About phone tap > CPU real time data

Trick #4 ~ Enable Net Traffic Meter in vivo

If you have data speed fetish, you can enable it in your status bar. Not just that, you can check what application using data transfer at live time. To show internet speed in status bar follow the pattern.

Settings > Status bar & notification > Display network speed – display network speed on the status bar.

For live time traffic exchange. Drag notification panel down (swipe from top to down). From below find Network speed details. It will show app list with data use. You can also open it in

iManager > Data Monitor > Network speed details

For detailed information check Data usage details.

Trick #5 ~ Enable/Disable Background Apps in vivo

By default funtouch OS auto – kills the app in background. In order to keep your app. Open task drawer by holding left capacitive key and dragging preferred app to down. This will pin your app in background.

However, to choose bulk apps you can try the old school method.

Settings > Battery > Excessive background battery usage > Allow or disavow apps to run in background

Trick #6 ~ Enable app lock to particular apps

Want to make your phone secure without downloading random App lock app? Funtouch OS has the way.

Open Settings > Security > Privacy & app encryption > ask for pin and confirm > Enable app to allow app lock

The app lock screen might be plain, sober or ugly but atleast you don’t needed to download anything.

Trick #7 ~ Auto call recorder in vivo mobile


Did you know? vivo is much feature full than its look. By just screwing up your phone settings you can screw up any one with evidence. So, in order to record call without app in your android phone follow the steps.

As usual open Settings > Phone > Record Settings > Record all calls automatically

Trick #8 ~ Auto Turn ON Flashlight with shake

The procedure to turn flashlight on with shake is easy but some of you find it hard. On the stand by screen. Shake your phone gently like in the clip below. Sorry I don’t get any other device currently to make a video with my Vivo device. Procedure is same though.

Open Settings > Smart Motion > Shake to turn flashlight on

Trick #9 ~ Create collages like pro with posters & puzzle without 3rd party editor app


Collages never goes old but apps does. With vivo you don’t need to install any third party image editor app from play store.

Head to Albums app > Collage > Select upto 5 pictures > Choose Collage, Poster or Puzzles and save them from top right Save link.

Trick #10 ~ Scene Desktop: free vivo launcher

Unlike any other custom ROM for android. Vivo Funtouch OS comes with one another free android launcher. ,,, And the name is Scene Desktop. Scene desktop is pretty much home interior with shelves, phone, windows and a sheep moving around it. To enable it follow the path.

Settings > More settings > Applications > Default app settings > Homescreen > Select application – Scene Desktop

Hope this will make it easy to navigate to setting you want. Funtouch OS is fluid like fluid itself and response rate is too fast. However, it takes me a while to figure where is what. This tutorial in itself help you to clear the confusions which you may or might faced.


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