How to deal with “An unexpected error occurred” while Installing Plugins & Themes

unexpected error wordpress plugins

What is Unexpected Error WordPress Plugin & Theme & How to Solve it

Once in a while after doing something wrong which you have no idea. WordPress pops up the error text while installing plugins and themes.

An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. if you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.

How Unexpected Error WordPress Plugins Themes happens?

It could be possibly occurs after installing a wordpress plugin, theme, or the WordPress itself. A wordpress plugin or theme with malicious code can make it trigger. Your server from backend then disable Port 80 and other ports to make server/site free from malicious attacks. The whole process is to keep your hosting safe from any attack.


Now how to deal with this kinky Unexpected Error WordPress Plugins error!

Detecting the Malicious File

port 80 blocked email

First step detecting which file making the trouble. If your hosting service is kind enough, they will send you the mail about it. This email would read “port 80 blocked due to security issue“. If you did not get any email try uninstalling plugins one by one. Keep trying to install the plugin after every deactivate. Once the error resolve you will find the culprit and uninstall it.

Unblocking Port 80

Now after uninstalling the malicious plugin or theme, you next step is to unblock cPanel.

  1. Login into cPanel
  2. In the find section, search for port 80
  3. Under “Health Checks and Monitoring” tab, click on Port 80 icon and follow instructions on the screen

These might be different for different web hosting. You will easily find Port 80 in Health/Monitoring section.

Now let’s come over the explanation of it.


Understanding Why it Happens?

What is Port 80?

Understanding what is Port 80 is and important section. Port 80 is the default server for your web client. It is that port from where or which computer send and receive web client based communication. Port 80 manages transaction of message from the web server, HTML pages and data.

What’s with Unexpected Error WordPress Plugins Themes & Port 80?

Port 80 is the one which manage HTTP based request. If in case any malicious script flow in any side – computer or web hosting. Their is the risk of crashing any of the computer. So in this case, our web hosting provider left with disable access to Port 80. In order to keep the request flow again you need to unblock it from cPanel.

I hope this page gives you simple idea about Port 80 and its working. Please share this post with whom stuck due to this error. If you’re newbie you can hire me for it. Just email me at envytechblog [at] gmaill [dot] com.


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