Turn Android into iPhone X with These Top 7 Apps

turn android into iphone x

Turn Android into iPhone X :Having an iPhone is every android user’s hidden dream which they don’t share. But making them into reality is made possible by developers.

turn android into iphone x

Now you can turn your android phone into iOS 11 powered iPhone.

Just like the last time I showed you how to turn android into the Windows desktop. The same procedure of installing app will be followed here. But, what apps? is the question. In this tutorial I have listed only selected apps which are stable and perform as expected on my device.

Note – If you’re phone resolution is lower than 1280x720px (HD) then you might face relocation issues.

How to Turn your Android Phone into iOS & Bring iPhone SWAG

In able to make it possible. We’re going to use best apps to turn android into iPhone. You are free to download few or all apps in each category for experimental purpose. Because of the spam reason I have listed only the best apps I have found. For suggestion please use comment box. If I find your app unique or free from bugs I will post it into this article.

iLauncher OS 11 – Phone X

There are tons of launchers available on Play Store for the purpose. But, which one will be right for you, depends upon you. Try using out all one by one.

iphone x launcher for android apk

iLauncher OS 11 is one of my favorite and the one I found stable rather than other. This iphone x launcher apk comes in 9.9MB package and available to download from the play store.

This iPhone x launcher for android has a neat and clean UI. It also packed with its own lock screen which do basic iPhone lock screen functions.

You can enable quick setting by gently swiping from bottom to top. The quick setting allows you to configure launcher settings, change wallpaper and launcher themes. It also let you configure basic functions like rotate screen, adjust volume and brightness, airplane mode or other quick settings.

Moreover, the launcher for android allow you to change transitions effects. As well as, visualize live snowfall and flowers on the main screen.



Download this App


If you find a better launcher than this then please let me know via comments.

iOS Style Lock Screen Apps for Android

Launcher is set. The next step is to find a good lock screen for your phone.

NOTE : If you’re using iLauncher OS11 and doesn’t like its own lock screen. You can disable it via Launcher Settings > Lock Screen.

IOS11 style Lock Screen

IOS11 style Lock Screen for android

Most of the lock screen does the same job. So finding was not that easy for me. Finally iOS11 style Lock Screen is what I found best. This lock screen app for android perform similar to iOS lock screen.

It show notifications on lock screen and display control center by swiping up from bottom.

You can choose your background from the gallery or from their cloud.

This app allows you to control your music players right from the lock screen. Same as iPhone does. Plus you can secure your device using inbuilt options to put Pin lock or password.

Whats more? This app allows you to reply right from the notification bubble. Try it yourself.

Download iPhone Lock Screen APK


Music Player similar to iPhone iMusic

I faithfully say that you can find few many stable music player. Though these two I listed are more relevant and stable.

Retro Player

retro player for android


Retro Player is not just like Apple Music, its more than that. I am using Retro Player from last 6 months. Their developer has done a hell lot of improvement in order to maintain Apple Music status quo.


This apple music player for android comes with a beautiful home screen which display almost every folder and playlist you have ever created.

This android music player categories music by History, Last Added and Top Played. Which, IMO is very helpful in finding the right music you added lately or the tracks you love to play most.

Whats more, they have some sexy Now Playing theme waiting for you.

Try Retro Player now because its the time to turn android into iPhone with music player.

Download Retro Player


iPlayer OS 11

iPlayer OS11

iPlayer OS 11 is the one I liked much due to its audio effects. No I am not talking about equalizer just about the sound quality effects it uses to deliver music.

This music player for android matches with iMusic theme and allow more android possibilities for it. Like dark theme, equalizer, album – artist display, light weight and multiple themes to choose.

Other than that its icon matches with iMusic icon. The only issue is overlapping of icons on lower side due to lower screen resolution. If your phone has HD or above resolution you might not face such issue.

Download iPlayer – Music IOS11


…. iFan already?

Apple Music

If you are the person who can spend money on music. You should try the official iMusic app for android. Unlike iPhone itself, this app does not play library music. You need to buy music right from the app.

… whats left now?

iPhone Dialer app for Android

Why not to experience the iphone style calling in your android. Download the best dialer app for android and make it much like iOS.

HD Phone 6 i Call Screen OS9

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only dialer app I recommend is HD Phone 6 i Call Screen OS9. Why? Because it’s the only one you need. HD Call Screen OS9 serves the purpose of generating its shortcut on your desktop.

This iphone dialer for android is not limited to just making calls. It displays caller picture, block unwanted calls (pro required), display contacts, recent calls and allow you to set theme.

This dialer for android go beyond customization, it also lets you customize theme settings.

For your convenience, this app allows you to set iPhone ringtones directly. It comes bundled with it so no download is required.

Try this out on your phone.

iPhone Dialer for Android APK

Notification Apps iPhone Style

… back to the cliche part. All apps behave the same. When it comes to customization I recommend customizing your notification panel too. With our suggested app. You will be able to make iPhone like notification on your phone.

iNotify OS 11



intoify os11

iNotify OS 11 turn your andorid notification into iOS 11 style. It has various control available for you.

With just installing and allowing its notfication permission. You will be able to display iPhone like status bar with color customization. Pull the status bar down for complete iOS 11 environment.

iNotify OS 11 comes with its own lock screen app. It allows you to enable/disable its lockscreen.

Install iNotify OS 11 on your android now.

iPhone Notification Bar for Android


iPhone Control Center for Android

For your kind information. You don’t need any. iNotify OS 11 comes with own notification center which is akin to iPhone X one. Just swipe from down to up to make it appear.

How about Face ID app?

Believe me, if such app exists. You will regret downloading it.

Face ID like configuration is currently available for vivo phones. Even though I am lucky to get one.

I really hate it.

Face ID works sounds like a charm or some really great invention. But in reality its horror.

If some looks like you, can unlock your phone with their face.

The android adaptation of this feature can be easily unlocked via your photo.

One more thing, its good to use in broad daylight or in well lit area. But, during the night time or in dim light, my phone always fail to unlock.

Anything Else?

Try all these app to turn android into iphone x. Though most of these apps display ads which you must take care of by yourself. If you’re running any custom OS on your phone these apps might does not work or response properly. Don’t blame any app in that case.

So, this is all about how to turn your android into iPhone. Try these apps and let me know of any better suggestions (if any).


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