Here We Have Top 8 Best Blogging Tools to Revolutionize Your Blogging skills


Blogging is something your 99 year old great grandma can do. She can post a picture of what she prepares for her 100th birthday. But, blogging like a pro is a completely different concept here. To blog like a pro/boss (whichever you prefer) I have listed out 8 best blogging tools for you. These are free to use and comes with paid option too.

I don’t know about your academics but, as a management student by myself. I prefer everything should be complete under proper fashion. So, in this post I have sorted out all those best blogging tools for blogger in chronological order.

Secret Revealed: 8 Best Blogging Tools to Revolutionize the Way you Blog

Let’s uncover everything one by one. Starting with a keyword for your idea first.

Tool #1: KwFinder Keyword tools by Mangools


Kwfinder is the most interactive tool for analyzing keyword position. Unlike the traditional web apps. This keyword tool provides you with the worth of using a particular keyword. It also displays related keywords along with the ultimate search. Along with their seo difficulty as well.

Working – Say, you like to analyse a keyword “eminem discography”. KWfinder suggest the difficulty of keyword rank.

> If it indicates “too hard” which means this keyword is hard to use to gain organic visitor.
> If it suggests easy, then, go with it!

In short, KWfinder does result too layman to understand by even a noob. Are you a noob? Nope, I doubt, if not, then let me know.

Pro tip – In order to search for the best and unique keyword which ranks. Make sure to first research with

Tool #2: Evernote – Create notes and Collect Ideas


Working – Evernote is a cloud editor where you can keep your ideas. Not only text, you can insert images, doc, pdf, and also webpages using their browser plugin.

Evernote supports a wide array of formatting options. Headings, font, color, tables are simple examples. All these come under free plan. With premium plans you can upgrade cloud storage upto 1GB email clipping, text in images and more.

So dude, are you still using MS Word?

Tool #3: Title-Generator Tool


Making a keyword is too easy. Start by putting a stop word, then add best or top, then long tail target keyword. Is that simple ! Nope.!

Keyword must content a target keyword, but not the way it suggested above. A keyword should express the content. Not at whole but the idea should be clear in visitor’s mind. So to make a perfect keyword we need our target keyword and title-generator tool.

Working – This tool generates over 300 ideas in under 3 seconds or less. For not even a single dime into this tool we show over 800 different result. Isn’t it great?

Tool #4: Topic Analyzer Tool by Share through


Out of those 800+ keyword you need to choose only a single title. Make a list of 10 or so and open this topic analyser tool in your browser new tab.

Working – Sharethrough headline analyse tool will help you to analyze topic potential. This headline analyzer tool analyse words choice, engagement and impression to generate results. Word choice can be use of passive voice and headline length etc.
Sharethrough also suggest you what you can add up to get better and impressive results.

Tool #5: Sentence Difficulty & Passive Voice Check by Hemingwayapp


Open evernote and collect your heading, subheading and notes you made in step 2. Thenceforth, put everything on word press editor and start writing impressive post. Follow the rules of SEO Yoast readability and turn it green. For your knowledge that’s not enough. Copy content and paste everything on Hemingway app editor.

Working – Hemingway editor helps to identify sentence difficulty and resolve it.
It also helps to identify forceful and needless words which may hurts SEO spider (man).

Hemingwayapp identify passive voice from your piece of writing. And after analysing your text it provides content-centric grade too. Dare to achieve 10 and retweet me on twitter ~ @envytechblog.

Tool #6: Analyse your Blog Post for Grammar & Plagiarism with Paperrater


Tool #6 of my best blogging tools is Paperrater. I assume that you already been using this free proofreading tool. Paperrater is a free with premium options.

Working – You have various education level to choose from. Paperrater on the basis of your education level derive grades.
This plagiarism detector tool sole purpose was to detect plagiarized content. Now this content checking tool does more than that.

Paperrater rate and analyse your paper with close to human proofreader AI. It shows grammar mistake and show corrections on click. It analyse your article with word choice, vocabulary and common grammar mistakes. In short, it do 70% of your content polishing.

Tool #7: Create stunning Featured Image & Facebook Post with Fotor Web App


Done with content, now let’s come to graphic. For making appealing graphic you might suggest snappa to me. But, for a perfect image editor and featured image maker I recommend you Fotor. Here is why.

Working – Fotor, unlike snappa, help you to create beautiful featured images.
Fotor comes with an array of design and premade templates. This free online image editor offers countless free stickers, shapes, and fonts. You are free to insert unlimited layers with transparency option. After completing your post you can save on high quality and compress them. If you go pro, you can allow transparency in the final image. Means, you can create a stunning logo with fotor.

And my favorite part is that it is platform independent web app.

Tool #8: Compress bulky Images with Smush It and Save Page Load


If fotor compression does not help you much. Try Smushit WordPress Plugin. Smushit compress starts once your upload to finish. This image compression WordPress plugin also provides a standalone interface for bulk compression. Smushit allow compression of featured images.
If you’re not in self hosted WordPress blog or blogger platform go with TinyPng. TinyPng allow uploading of 20 images at once in free plan. Photoshop, WordPress plugin is under subscribed.

A friendly reminder that this list of best blogging tools is not absolute. You can add your favorite in a comment and I’ll add those blogging web app on my next post. Share this post to all your blogger friends.


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