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Thumbnail Maker Banner Maker

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker Android App


Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is a youtube banner creator app available on android play store. This app will help you to create youtbe banner on the go. Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker works offline.

It has both free and paid features. There are two plans available if you’re thinking of upgrading. The cheap one unlock all the background in around Rs.130. The second one disable ads and unlock all the features listed above as in paid only version. The Unlock all features subscription is of Rs.280.


Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker: Youtube Banner Maker App Review


Youtube banner maker app allow you to use few backgrounds in free version. It leaves watermark in final image. Free version has limited fonts, filters, overlays and shapes. Apart from that it shows so many ads. So be careful when you’re making youtube banner in android.
My motive in this youtube banner maker app review is to justify whether it worth its high price or not. So, let’s dive in the review and see what we get.


Let’s get into the app first


Backgrounds – Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker allow limited backgrounds for free. None of them suits tech review or gameplay video.

Fonts – As a youtuber, I prefer bold fonts which make it easy to read on youtube android app. Few of them are free but some good one are in paid.  
Filters & Overlay – Filters are cool addons for boring background. It has 9 basic and 11 paid filters. Their are 58 cool overlays including bokeh, hearts, grunge, hearts, etc. 9 are free and rest paid. 
Image editor – You can make adjustment to your images from this tab. Basic image editing like sharpness, brightness, contrast, vignette, and rotation are available. This app let you crop at the very beginning so it is not listed here.
Icons – I am not listing each category to save time. Their are grunge shapes, ribbons and radials shapes available. Out of total, very few unlocked and free. Most of them paid. Their is no reason to upgrade this app for just icons. 

PIP – This youtube video thumbnail maker let you put pictures over banner. You can put using camera or from gallery. JPEG and transparent PNG images can be loaded.  

Thumbnail Maker Screenshots

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker App Pro 

  1. This app allow you to make quick banner or thumbnail for YouTube straight from your phone. 
  2. It can be double as image editor app which I found way better than being a banner maker app.
  3. Their are 9 cool filters and overlay (leaks) available. You can experiment it with your picture.
  4. You can insert any PNG image in banner which is a plus point for adding social media icons.
  5. There is a separate background unlock feature to unlock various patterns.
  6. Lots of bold fonts available for free and in paid features. Using bold fonts is beneficial in youtube thumbnail.  
  7. You can directly share your banner with your friends on social media like facebook, Whatsapp ~ Read crazy whatsapp hacks which you can do in easy steps.

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker App Cons

  1. This app should have grid or ruler feature. Without it, it is difficult to position images in center. 
  2. Thumbnail maker & banner maker should rotate. A bigger canvas would make it easier for few. 
  3. Their should be lock feature to lock a particular layer but it is missing. 
  4. This app don’t allow you to upgrade particular feature. If even I need to unlock an overlay I need to buy the complete unlock package.
  5. Free version shows lots of full screen ads which disturb the editing. It make it difficult to add text. It popups while I typing which is very bad for such highly rated app.
  6. Not just in-app ads. This app shows ad even after switching to drawer. Man, I can’t handle this much of ads from an editor.
  7. Very expensive upgrade.
  8. The output is not so high quality. I can make a better banner from my default editor, thanks to vivo FunTouch OS. Also, no option to set image size. 



Thumbnail maker and banner maker is not so impressing to buy an expensive update. This app shows way to many ad and disturb the motive of editing. From the photo editor perspective it is good. If you are serious youtuber and looking for paid option. Go with some other option.

Download Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker APK

Total rating – 31,009+
5 stars – 21,528
Total installs – 500,000 – 1,000,000
Search parameter – youtube banner maker, youtube thumbnail maker
App developer – James Thomas Carter
Play store link – here
Direct download APK linkhere


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