The Trail Game Review : Travel, Craft, Hunt & Trade on an Epic Adventure of Eden Falls


About The Trail by 22Cans

Trail brings an epic travelling adventure to fictional land Eden falls. This game is freely available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS. Along with free to play gameplay, trail allows you to purchase in app items at real bucks. You will meet players around the world in this realtime multiplayer android game. Though your meeting is only limited to trading. What is trading? You will know soon in this The Trail game Review.

Trail Review : Objective, Gameplay and Reaching to Eden Falls

Just like any other android game. Trails hook me with its extensive gameplay for hours. Gave me sleepless night and contribute to another review on this blog. Though, I have played Eden before and this confuses me with it. I though reaching EDEN falls brings EDEN like gameplay. But after then I realize both are by different developers. I would make EDEN review in coming time. Till time read this trail review.

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Total rating – 200,011
5 stars – 140,682
Total installs – 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
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App developer – Kongregate

Trail Objective Illuminates you to Keep Hooked

The Trail keeps you hooked with its gameplay for a rewarding Eden fall, an ingame town. Andrew Hayward from Macworld may not like to call it as a Walking Simulator but I rather call it that. Although my journey is not much disappointing like him I quit playing for the same purpose.


Trail main objective is to walk through the woods, mountains, snow mountains and desert.

the trail locations

As you walk through the ends of one shore, you need to cross the river. For your aid a ship is present in the game. During the game you can collect non crafting items like bushes, stick, rabbit fur, apricot, apples and more items. These help you to craft further items like torso, lower, axe, slingshot, bags.

No time for chit chat, gotta go hunting. #thetrail

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As you advance through a path you will meet fellow players around the world. You and another member can sit and take a rest on checkpost (camp in the game). Where in camp you will meet Beatrice. A beautiful NPC and her parrot KoKo which help you to advance and unlock a quest.

Each quest unlocks crafting recipe. Recipe to create more spacey bags, new costumes and high priced trading items. Beatrice let her parrot bird with you to collect the item. As soon you find quest item, KoKo collect it. Once you reach the limit, KoKo will fly away with it. You will be rewarded with your recipe at camp. Reach it and collect it, and unlock the new quest. Game allow you to choose your new quest.

And the most important thing you can play with KoKo while in game. You can tickle it, and tease it with other collectible item. Did I mention it likes Apple. Tease it with a piece of meat instead.

The Walking Simulator

I just mentioned it. And at the same point I would like to retreat to. The Trail puts spiciness of walking with survival elements too. Its a kinda Don’t Starve too. I have not played Don’t Starve, but watched its gameplay video.

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the trail clothing

In The Trails, your survival elements are your stamina meter (heart). As you increasing movement speed it replenishes faster. You need to maintain a balance with your speed and stamina. Eat edible items like meat, apple and cherry when meter down. Your clothing affects stamina. The better the upgrade item provide you more heart and better speed. Say sheriff boots gives you speed comparable to barefoot.

Your crafted clothes and bags are prone to momentum too. Every item comes with a reading. Say a bag has a capacity of 1.1, it will vanish after taking 1.1 in game miles. This is how The Trail capture survival elements to the game.

Welcome to Eden Falls

the trail town

Once you walk over the whole goddammit trail. You will find your Town in Eden Falls. Mine one is Lavender Moon. Their is not much you can do in town. As it requires gold and crafted items. Yes, the game wants you to keep looping on the trails and collect items, craft it and trade with others. I feel a sense of disappointment after reaching the town as I feel so limited about things. At the very starting the game tempts you with, get in town and have a family. The game misinterprets its own statement.

You May Leave After Reaching the Town

I have quit the game at this point. During the early session it keeps me intact with this reward. After it you need lots more crafting and lot more backtracking. Why would you like to backtrack after reaching a certain point you waiting for.

The first objective after reaching town is getting a house. A basic cost me 100 chits. The funny thing is that it cost 5 times cheaper than boarding in a ship. Then I know why my guide call sailor’s greedy. After getting a house the game prioritize on upgrading it. Which for first sounds cool. Why would not you want to upgrade a house. But, upgrade requires crafting items for which you need to backtrack. Would you like to go back and collect stuff you already collected? Yes or No both are possible.

The Favour thing, Not easy to Get once your Spend them

Favour is in game premium currency which only can be acquired by doing real purchase. Favour help you in many ways, say give you stamina when you ran out of it. Help you buy expensive or locked perks and other powerful equipment which is hard to acquire by manual efforts. Favour has little to no use while playing. Though they are expensive and can only purchased.

Nihilistic Walker


 In this big vast land the only person you have communicated is your unnamed lover. Through mail/letters. Your protagonist has little to no communication with other walkers. Little I said because you can compete with trading in camps.

Little I said, because you can rob some when they are down or collecting items. You can steal their items. Like when they finish chopping woods, hunting animals or accidentally drop an item out of the bag. Or when their bag overflows. In better words you are nihilist robber too. Bad Karma.

Graphic & Performance

If you want to experience proper graphic, which is not too visually attractive. You should have a powerful CPU and atleast 1-2GB of free RAM. Honestly speaking, my Vivo Y53 lags a lot playing it on medium settings. Dropping it down to low make it look horrible.

the trail android graphics

Shadows play an important role so keep it on medium As you drop the bar down shadow decrease and pixilised. And at lower setting you don’t find any shadow.

You can increase and decrease music value. While there is not so much left to alter than that. The game has bugs and performance issue with low end smartphones.

Final Verdict

The Trail would give you awesome travelling experience till you reach the town. During the gameplay you meet various environments and feel like you are on an epic adventure. Hey, the developer played well here to keep different environment and vegetation after every mile but. Snow, Rain, Wind but there is no Day and Night time cycle in this game. This would be for the intention the game does not want to make it haunted. But, while playing in a single timeline I feel that I miss it.

Their are a lot much to do after reaching town, but at this point. You would be tired backtracking. Backtracking to pay for ship travels. Which is way too expensive than buying a house in game. Yet another thing, the graphic performance is dull. The game stutter for low to mid end phones and lowering graphic makes it dull.

the trail swagkitten6996

Anyway, its my opinion and gameplay. Try it yourself and let me know how you feel. If we ever crossed path, remember the gamertag, SWAGKITTEN6996.
Have a nice journey.


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