Tekken 3 Finally Gets its own APK Now No Emulator Needed Anymore

tekken 3 apk

TEKKEN 3 APK now Available for Android

The world favorite Play Station Arcade battle game Tekken 3 finally got its APK. Now, we don’t need to install the emulator and load ISO file to play it. This Tekken 3 APK is hosted on Cafebazaar┬áby developer banafshedev. A popular Iranian android marketplace which allow you to buy and install apps. It is not playstore because they don’t allow such emulated stuff.
Good thing, we have a copy of it.

Though the game does not require you to set or configure anything. You can try out changing some options as per your preference. To help you out I have dig down on the app configuration.


Configuring In game Controls

The app itself combines emulator and BIOS. If you open settings you will see the same setting as in any other emulator app. There are few options which you can configure to alter the gameplay experience.

Settings >> CPU Frameskip >> Enabled
CPU Frameskip means avoiding certain frames from the playing video. If you enable this option. The emulator skip some frames from your playing game in order to make the game faster. It is something not concurrent. It only avoid those framerates when load on CPU increases. Thus, lower frames will load faster and loads on CPU decreases. Enable only when you have low end device.

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Settings >> Screen Ratio >> Stretch
The default screen ratio is 4:3. The left and right edges are black out. To make it 16:9 or I say fill your entire screen. You can change the option to stretch. Avoid it, if you have FHD screen.


Settings >> Screen Color Depth >> 32
It just make your game looks better.

Settings >> Gamepad Options >> Bluez Profile >> [select any]
To change in-game controllers. Some may crash your game.

The game will save automatically once you close it.

Other Popular PSX Games APK

The same developer has also published other popular emulated games on his profile. Few of these are Driver 2, Spiderman, Pepsi Man, Medal of Honor, Mortal Kiombat Triology and Crash Team Racing.

Go check out developer profile.

Download the Game


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