4 Crucial Reason Why Table of Contents Must be in Your Blog Post


Consider a website with a lot piece of textual information. But, scattered around without making any sense of readability. Would you read the blog or simply leave it?
Now consider another blog with similar information organised in parallel with images and navigational context. Wouldn’t get impressed?

In the eye of the google spider. A weblog utilizing images, table of content, headings, link reference is the good one. Spider crawler rank it up on the google. Which is our second most concern, that should be done as well.
Table of Contents in blog Post can be easily implemented with a piece of code or plugin. And it comes with their own perks. In this post I will share the necessity of putting such in your blog post.

What is Table of Contents in Blog Post?

Table of Content can be both optional or key element of your post. If your post is below 300 words you have choice to skip it. But, if your blog post is lengthy like this top 8 blogging tools for blogger, you better put it. See, I am using it in all of my blog post.

This is what a typical content table looks like. Wikipedia using ToC since ages. Like the third page of your book. This content table has all the sections which a web page cover.
Webmasters utilize it not just for making jumping easier but also to impress google spiders.

There are multiple advantages of table of contentsin a weblog. I can profoundly say that impressing your visitor is one of them.

Second is to provide a road map to your site viewer. This give a clear idea on the very beginning is from where a specified topic starts. And where it would end.

And third, I am going to repeat it. It makes navigation whole lotta easier. Who would scrolling down the 3000+ words content for the section break? Just give him the link to quick skip. I will discuss this point in details with popular example. So keep reading.

This is Why Table of Contents is helpful for Blog

Table of Contents Helpful in Navigation

I am not going to scroll a long post like this. And eventually loose interest in a long content. But, hey. Using index in blog post can help me go up and down in lengthy blog. A good implementation of table of content can be seen at Isabel Castillo blog. She has merged navigation in paragraph. Once you have read a section of para. You can quickly navigate to top as well.

Conclusion : If you implemented sections inside your post content. It would be easier for me or anyone else to jump from one related section to another. Like you just seen in the above gif. I am able to jump direct to note section which is essential to coding of sample #2 with a click.

Table of Contents Make it Easy to Interlink headings

Let me ask you an unrelated question. Have you tried Wordfence yet? No? Then you should be. Suppose I have to interlink a specified portion of post or say a heading. How should I link if their no such indexing. Yet another example.

In a venture to become World #1 Expert. Are you going to scroll down till you find “Connect with other influencers”? What if their would be a quick link to specific section like this.

Which one do you prefer?

Conclusion : For a information sharing blog. You may need to interlink content in order optimize your ON page performance and to increase userflow. Having exact link for every section is fruitful for us bloggers. You can link a keyword from one post to your listverse easily.

Does it helps SEO in anyway?

I would better ask Wikipedia for it. The site which is ranking on #1 for 56% of searches. Using table of contents since day 1. Not just that. Wikipedia has the best placement to put ToC after a portion of introduction to their article.

Now for this example I better skip to this blog. Take a look at below example. I have made a search for MDREX250AP cord quality. The first result for me suggest me my own blog.

Like in above example google suggest me to Jump to : Cord quality section. This is that part of the blog post searched by user. This is how it helps. Any question? Raise your voice mate.

Conclusion : Yes, google is too concerned about schema and better utilization of markups.

A Roadmap to your Post

Visit any of my blog post from the right sidebar (in desktop only). Don’t scroll it and check the ToC. Have you get any idea of where my blog post starts and where it ends? Yes. That is the power of roadmap. If you’re writing a book about blogging. The first thing you would like to index is History of Blogging. Then you would like to move on to Modern Blogging.

Your index describes the hierarchy of post. There is no strict recommendation about Table of Contents in a blog post. But, just for instance consider a book without Index page.

Conclusion : Conclusion : From a reader point of view. I would like to read what’s in your post rather than reading down the entire content. So, this justify my requirement for having schema of contents.

If you have question or query or like to point me out. Make yourself comfortable to my blog and speak it out. I will appreciate your effort in explaining something and making this content better.


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