How to Sync Password from PC to Phone using True Key App


Done with True Key setup on your PC? Good. Now we move to the next step. In this tutorial we will show you how to setup and sync Intel True Key in your android phone. The process is similar in iPhone too. But before, I will like to share a little about the True key app.

Welcome to True Key Android App

Intel True Key is published on Play Store and iPhone App store by McAfee. Just like PC or Mac app, true key requires a master password to work. The same password which you have setup earlier will be used in app too. Other than that, your phone can be used as a trusted device for your PC or Mac.

Features of True Key App

  • True key android app has an interactive interface, high quality icons and quick to login dashboard.
  • It offers hassle free login with face and fingerprint sensor.
  • Same password will be used across all platforms.
  • You can store upto 15 passwords and upto 10,000 after upgrade.
  • It also provides inbuilt HTML 5 web browser for quick login.
  • You can choose your preferred browser everytime to login a site.
  •  Works in the background.

How to Setup and Sync Intel True Key Android App with Your Passwords Database?

  1. Download and install the app from Play store only.
  2. Login using the master password and email.
  3. Confirm email id using mail app.
  4. Click on Trust Now when asked for authentication within the true key app.
  5. All your saved websites will be listed on the dashboard.
  6. Click on any site you want to login “quickly”.
  7. True key no ask for accessibility first, you need to enable it.
  8. Follow the instructions to provide admin access.
  9. True key android app will ask for preferred browser. Select it and login.
  10. Other than the app itself. If you login from browser. True key floating balloon will visible once you focus on a text field. Which will let you login directly.
  11. The site will be login automatically only if the password is in the database.

Final Note

Having True Key installed is an advantage to all of us. The need to enter password and login id will be eliminated. Though the app allows you 15 free logins. You can pay a small sum of $19 and can store upto 10K logins. Unlike other password manager, True key android app will automatically log you out on closing. The app works in background most of the time still consume less memory.


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