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summertime saga review

Summer Time Saga : The One of a Kind Android Game for Adults

If you’re hardcore android gamer or you just left with a quality android phone (no PCMR). Then you must be looking for absolute nudity in gaming. And by chance you have searched similar on Play Store or Bad for you, you only found some poker game, right? You’re searching it all *wong*.

Introducing Summertime Saga. If you want some to and fro, in and out fun in wild world of android gaming. Then you should try this game. Summertime Saga is not just play and f**k adult game for android but also present you with various in game puzzles. The overall objective of this game is to get laid. But how, is actually the gameplay.

Unlike Choices, this game offer you with more point and click choices to you. Choices like, whether you should enter some rooms or not. Sneak on your sister room or not. Or just like visiting a place or ignore it for later.

But, Summertime Saga is fueled with tons of choose your own adventure fun.

Summertime Saga Gameplay Mechanics

Summertime saga is a point and click game for android. Its a visual novel game made on RenPy engine. So, offers you complete novel experience. With advancement of puzzle elements.

summertime saga android

In the very beginning you have choice to play either as a fresh game or with cheats. Cheats fueled your wallet with money so you do not need to worry for earning. And you can start and get laid in under 30 min of gameplay.
Anyway if you want true eroge experience. I recommend you to play without cheats. Otherwise go with cheat and start jerking off.

Summertime saga for android has big map to explore. It has a big mall, library, school, swimming pool, neighborhood, beach and park. Also trailer park where one of the character lives. With progress you start unlocking various locations. Every areas has its own quest to unlock the next one. Though completing them is required to advance the story (and,,, you know).

A little about story

Summertime saga starts with mourning of protagonist family. His father has been dead and all is left on him to aid his family. In your family you have your busty Mom and sister. You have an habbit to keep on eyes on your neighbor.

summertime saga android

You have a nerdy friend name Erik, her mom who is Yogaholic, a fe-friend Mia and her catholic mom, a bully in school, his girlfriend, and lots of side character in each locations.

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All Summertime Saga Nubidity in first 30 Minute [SPOILER]

Come to the main point already. You’re not playing this game for playing a game. Am I Right? In order to get ready already. Start with cheats.


The Gentleman

summertime saga android

Requirement – School Unlocked

It is possible in under the 10 minute of games. Once after you unlocked school go to school and engaged in dialogues.

Visit Judith who is feeling shy in going to Boys locker. She wants to change her clothes and you promise to help her in escorting her. Once you start you find Annie who complain about breaking rules and disobeying. Keep on tapping and its your first opportunity to see bewps in game.

Live Stream of Love


summertime saga android

Requirement – Visit Language Class

This sneaky peaky opportunity is in Library. Visit librarian lady and talk to her about your book. Select the French Grammar Vol 1 book. She will first apologize for not having a book than guide you to she could raise online order. Later she apologize for not having enough budget.
Notice, she restrict you to goto room. Don’t take her advice and instead get into room. Their you will find a couple having fun time.

I am a Cowboy (Getting Laid)

summertime saga android

Requirement – Cheats, Library Unlocked

I am Sorry, I am just…

Requirement – Visit field and meet Ronda

Yet another sneaky opportunity under 30 minutes of gameplay is in swimming pool. But for this one you need to have Mall unlocked. And you have to visit CONSUMR again and buy swim suit. Keep on tapping locker doors and you will find what you’re looking for.

ALERT – You will get banned from pool as a consequence.

Busty Principal

In order to see more d**ks you should first have to first visit school locker room with Judith and get caught. Just like last time annie help you in your adventures. Visit the location and tap on washroom. Your will find Lopez and Martinez and talk with them. Now there Annie will find you and take you to the Principal. The busty principal I mean.
She is angry with you and wants to verify the rumors, let her do.

That’s a lot more for fun part now lets come to the actual review.

Summertime Saga Review

summertime saga android

Summertime is the only game which give you that type of freedom with a better story. To keep you hook this game offer lot more puzzle. Which may annoy you for sometime. Okay let it go.

SS has quality sound effects and bgm to make it much interactive. Oh yes, the fun time sounds too. Though it does not offer any OST like Everlasting Summer or Choices.

Talking about the interactivity, this free visual novel for andorid is made by a very hard working indie studio. They have added snapshot for ever moment, to and fro. And they have aligned into a sequence. From blinking an eye to expression everything has a sequenced scene for it. This is too good to see.

Art and design is amazing. This adult game for android looks exactly like a AAA level game. Lucky us, its free. They have put lot more works in details, shadowing and made quality reflection of floors, adding accessories where required and differentiating interactive items and non interactive items. Most of non-interactive items are blurred out but not all.

I would like to say that this game is in continuous development and most of the items are not intractable for now. For instance Graveyard, Beach and Movie Theater. Who knows, they put live porno over there ?

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