Sony MDR EX250AP Review: Deep Bass Beats with Cool Colors

sony mdrex250ap review

About SONY MDR EX250AP In Ear Earphone

Sony MDREX 250AP is the entry level earphone series by SONY. MDRE X250AP follows the same status quo as of previous EX series with better quality and looks. Sony MDR EX250AP price in India is Rs.1999 on exclusives and lump sump for other stores. Although, I am not a fan of In Ear earphone. I am really please with its bass reproduction and vibrations. The vocals are too pleasant. Overall its fits its price bracket to perfect that competition can never shake it off.

Sony MDR EX250AP Review

sony mdr ex250ap in ear earphone

So in MDR EX250 AP review we will discuss specifications, design, sound quality, and reason to buy it. So guys, put your earphones down and start reading.

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Technical Specifications

TYPE Closed
MAGNET Neodymium
IMPEDANCE (OHM) 16 ohm (1 KHz)
COLORS Red, Blue, White, Black

MDREX250AP Earbud Design

sony mdrex250ap

The earbud has silicone bud as matching color as wire hose which is inclined to opposite direction as of dorm. This is done intentionally to fit right in your ears very ergonomically. Ear dorm is very light and seems to made of very hard plastic.

sony mdrex250ap design
Under the silicon bud you will find sound hose. Sound hose is wrap with rubber with a pin point to release vocals. Some other earphones uses mesh instead of rubber. The rubber instead of mesh produce vibration which is another plus point by this earphone.

Cord Quality

mdrex250ap cord

MDR EX250AP has 1.2m long Y shaped flat cable. Being flat is advantage here because it can be easily wrap on tangler. It has separator for L and R earbud. For identification we have mic box on Left cord.

On the other side of the cord it has gold plated jack. Its angular shape prevents twisting of cables when put in the jeans pocket.

Mic & Track Controls

sony mdr ex250ap mic

Mic does not comes with noise cancellation features. Apparently, it works very good for calling. Don’t expect HQ recording with it at all. On the other side of mic it has track control which control calls and open virtual assistant too.

On long press you can launch Google Now.
Double click it changes track.
On triple click you can head back to previous track.
Single click when your phone rings to attend call. Single click to close call.

Sony MDR EX250AP Music Quality: Audio, Vocals & Bass

Sound quality is audible. Loud means loud with retaining vocal quality. On low volume it produce pleasant music retaining the mid and high bass.


Low bass are effective and can be feel by your eardrums. It produce sublime mid bass. On high bass beats its distort a little. Vibration are effective too.
I have used XB series before too. It might sounds odd that MDREX25AP has better bass quality with audio clarity than that. I played Ozzie Doom Dada to check bass quality.

Keep in mind that sound quality can be affected with smartphone, choice of music player and equalizer. For extreme bass and ebullient sound effects you can try Viper4Android or BBE effects in your vivo phone.

Thanks to its design, I never needed to push it in my ear to visualize beats. Its silicone buds sits perfectly in my ears. Like I used to do with MDREX15AP. You can try positioning it in your for your preference anyway.

Sony After Sales Service

After sales service is fast and responsive. No comment on that. You will get 1 year warranty on your earphone. You will get your earphone replaced in fresh packing if you have not damaged it.

Sony MDR EX250AP Review Conclusion

If you have got 2K to spend you have plenty of options. Choosing Sony MDREX250AP could or could not be an option for you. Right? Now, let me make it clear. MDREX250AP has its own reason to be sold.

  1. It comes from a reputable brand which is known for music equipment/devices.
  2. Service centers are present in almost every metro and developing cities.
  3. You don’t need to push/press to fit in your ears.
  4. A mic box with full track control support.
  5. Ear buds looks quite premium. Even though it just an entry level SONY earphone.

So, have you tried it already? Drop your opinions in the comments section below.



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