Sony MDREX15AP Review : Best Budget Earphone by SONY With Mic

mdrex15lp review

Hey, are you looking for best earphone with mic under 1000 but your choice is a big dashing Brand? Look no more pal. Today I will review the most popular budget segment Sony MDR EX15 LP/AP which comes with price tag of under 1K. Their are two variants and 5 sexy colors. Which you can grab from sony exclusive stores and online ecommerce website. Let’s skip to the Sony MDREX15AP Review. But before, let’s see whats the difference between both.

LP vs AP vs W, L, .. : Whats the difference?

In Sony terminology, AP is the sony headphones with mic. LP is the non-mmic variant of any model. Yet other short term you might heard is B, W, LI, V.
B is for black, W is for white, L is for Blue, V is for violet and P is for pink variant.

Though, their is no different in sound quality. Just the color and features.

Sony MDR EX 15AP Review

So, I got AP variant and gonna keep the harmony with it. Remember no music quality difference between both. Out of the 5 color variants, pink and violet are hard to foundIf you find them please let us know with a proper URL to the store.

Technical Specifications

TYPE Closed
MAGNET Neodymium
IMPEDANCE (OHM) 16 ohm (1 KHz)
COLORS Pink, Blue, White, Black


Source ~ Sony MDREX15LP full specification on Sony official site.

MDREX15LP Earbud Design

Sony mdrex 15lp has the most average earbud style. Its too small that it can totally plunge into your ears. That’s a good sign. Bad is its not extra bass earphone so their is no radiator available to make it heavy.

There are 3 sized silicone bud available in package. S, M, and L. Its silicon buds are a little slippery. So if you got some other earphone you can use their buds. But, but, sony original silicon bud is safe from infection and itching. I suggest you to go with M earbud size.

For identification of left and right earbud SONY has put L and R print on it. The L and R print will wash away with the time. So you better comfortable yourself with a small point on earphone left tube. Also, every Sony earphone has mic on the left wire that’s a good sign for MDEREX250 AP users.

Cord Quality

sony mdr ex15 lp cord

For cord quality please check my MDREX250AP review. EX15 use the same cord as in EX250. Rigid af. It can not malfunction current flow or break wire when swing over or stretch by accident.

See the above pic. Earbud tube covers a required amount of wire in it to withstand twist. If you twist it intentionally. The wire soldiered to the speaker does not loose contact. That way it is safe from accidents and you can dance wearing it. Light af too.

Mic & Track Control

sony mdr ex15 lp mic

Same with mic and track control. Sony MDREX series uses the same mic in shape and response quality. Like I said in my previous review. EX15AP mic does not has noise cancellation filters but the receiver gets the candid call response. Track button is responsive and can be used for changing tracks and start/end call.
Overall build of mic box is rigid. It can not be break by accidentally stepping on it. A hard push with leather shoes can break it though.

Sony MDREX15LP/AP Music Quality

Before I proceed, I would like to remind you EX series includes entry level headphones. EX15AP on the same side does not gonna satisfy audiophile in you. On the bright side. It is best for your average office time playback. EX15LP is the good earphone for most of our casual listening.

Keeping the quality of SONY, EX15LP produce very smooth sound fresh from any sort of distortion or noise. If I compare this with some other earphone in range. I found its music quality better. Loudness is upto the mark, at max volume I found no distortion of vocals. Also, it is not that loud to screath your eardrum.

Bass wise it is so average, you will feel good beats at mid but not at low and high. Treble is too wisely balanced. It does not affect any sort of music genre say Jazz or Hip hop which is greatly impact with treble.

Though, you need to push their ear bud carefully in your ear. Reason? It is slippery like I said above. It get easily poped out from ears and that’s how it affect your listening experience.

Who should go with it? Any casual music listener can go for this. Or if you need any side earphone for some reason.

Sony MDREX15LP Review Conclusion

sony mdrex15 LP review

Honestly, this was my first SONY earphone I ever brought. I were liked it so much but now I have changed my taste of earphones. Anyway, back to you. It would be great choice for you if.

  1. You’re low in budget and need branded earphone
  2. You like to enjoy music while riding or driving
  3. Need a sony earphone with mic under 1000
  4. For office purpose, conference callingĀ  or listening while working
  5. Need a side earphone mostly for traveling
  6. Looking for a very light weight earphone
  7. Love to listen music at bed time

Concluding my review of sony mdrex15 lp/ap. I will say this is one good perk under 700 or so. Getting one is easy via both offline and online. Also, Sony is one such company which gives you an year replacement warranty on their earphones. So break many as you can in your first year of purchase. And let me know your own review via comment.



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