7 Best Way to Share Clipboard Text between Android and PC

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Here we Have 7 Best Way to Share Clipboard Text between Android and PC

We all come through this question “How do I copy text from my PC to my phone?“. Most of us just directly type what is seen on computer to our phone. While it is easy to retype entire website URL, its even hard for text over 200 words. Sharing clipboard text between phone to PC is not that hard as it seems like. Today in this tutorial, I am bringing 7 best ways to share your textual data across your devices. All of them are curated keeping android phone users in mind.

So, lets get started.

⚠ I am not considering Pushbullet in this List. Reason is. It is Premium option  ⚠



What is Pastebin and how to use it to copy text from PC to Android?

Pastebin is the most used web app since 2012 to keep important contents. Pastebin is free with pro options. Unlike other note apps like evernote. Pastebin does not requires you to have account. You can just make note and keep its URL for future reference.

Now come to how you can use it for clipboard sync. Harsh to say, but you need to open Pastebin account and install their mobile app.

  • Create your account and make your New Paste.
  • After posting your data click on Create new Paste.
  • Open your mobile app and login.
  • You will see Your Paste section.
  • From their you can open any note and copy their content.

In this way you can use Paste to sync clipboard between pc and android.

Google Keep

google keep interface


How to use Google Keep to use as a Android Universal Clipboard

Setting up Google keep is easy.

  • Open Keep.google.com from any of your device.
  • Create a new note and paste your content. You can add images too.
  • Make sure to use from common email address.
  • Download Keep app in your mobile phone to get your text sync.

In case you need to sync password from PC to phone or Phone to PC. Use Intel True Key.

Using Google Keep, you can also sync clipboard between computers.

If you’re looking for Google keep tricks and tips follow my previous Google Keep review.

Using QR Code

QR code can be your universal clipboard to share data across devices. You can share from PC to phone, phone to PC or any device with camera access.

Though lots of popular QR code generator sites requires PRO account. I have found one free qr code site for our requirement.

qr code clipboard share

  • Visit https://createqrcode.appspot.com/ and enter text upto 200 words in textbox.
  • Click on generate QR code.
  • You can use your mobile camera to scan QR code.
  • Using any QR camera app let you copy text to clipboard directly.

Using Duck Duck Go QR Code

The previous QR Code method only allow you to share 200 words with QR code. Now, lets increase this limit to somewhere 400 words.

You all heard of Duck Duck Go right? The anonymous search engine which does not track your access data. Using a small string of URL we can create a QR code which stores upto 400 words. And it is even easier than it sounds.

duck duck go qr code
Scan this QR Code
  • Copy this URL – https://duckduckgo.com/?q=qr and after qr add your text data.
    Say https://duckduckgo.com/?q=qr welcome to envytechblog.com
  • This will generate a QR Code in browser.
  • You can scan it using any of your mobile app and copy the link or text in your phone clipboard.


Using Whatsapp or Facebook

or using any other social media app. Let’s just make it quick.

Use Facebook to share clipboard data

Use Facebook to share clipboard data

  1. From your desktop or mobile app. Create a Post with privacy set to Only Me.
  2. From your other device. Visit facebook.com and enter your profile page.
  3. You can now copy text post by using edit post option.

Use Whatsapp to share clipboard data

  1. Create a fake contact in your phone with any number.
  2. Access Whatsapp on your mobile or web whatsapp on your desktop.
  3. Send the text message to that fake account.
  4. Now your data will be visible on your thread.


Share Clipboard with Airdroid

Airdroid made Copy and Paste Across devices in version 3.3.0. So lets started with it.

airdroid share clipboard

  • Download Airdroid mobile app in your phone.
  • Sing in using your Gmail account.
  • Open http://web.airdroid.com/ in your desktop.
  • In pc dashboard you will find Toolbox in right sidebar.
  • Click on Clipboard. Enter your text data on it and click blue send button.
  • Your text will be copy to phone clipboard.

Easy Peasy? We used to do lot more awesome thing before. But their new business model turns their features upside down. To make it more productive you have option to purchase their premium plans.

Join Chrome Plugin and Mobile App

Many of you are already using Join. Many of you prefer join over any other step. But, the reason I put it on #7 because it requires chrome extension. Aside it, Join gives you complete clipboard sync android solution. So lets get started.

join share clipboard from pc to phone

  • In order to do so, download Join in Chrome and Android.
  • Sign in to join on both devices using the common login id.
  • On successful login it will show your mobile device name in extension bar (On the right side of address bar).
  • Copy a piece of text.
  • Tap on join icon from extension bar and click Paste clipboard on your device.
  • Your data will be copied to phone.

So, these are 7 out of many tricks to share your clipboard across devices. If you find any better solution or trick than those listed above. Please drop in the comment. We will be happy to hear from you.


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