SEGA Forever Rolling out Free Games

SEGA is ready to reintroduce their old games for their fans. This time they bring their dreamcast junkyard to Android & iOS. With SEGA Forever you will be able to play retro port on your mobile for free. The uploading started already and every old-new game will be uploaded on periodic basis. These games will be available on respective app markets.

In regard to SEGA forever free with ad scheme, the company said –

“it will include both official emulations and ported games that pan all Sega console eras, each adapted specifically for mobile devices while remaining faithful to the original games.”
Also SEGA forever twitted their campaign trailer via twitter.

SEGA forever bringing Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II on Android play store and iOS App store. Though all of their games are free, it shows ads. To disable ads you need to pay. Still, all the HD universe game are still paid. SEGA Forever starts their legacy with Sonic game on 22nd June and will add the remaining games after every two week. Look like SEGA giving enough time to play and complete the game and want you to drop on next game.

Though these games are free of cost, we still have to face limitations. All of the free games are classical port only. This means games sets on HD universe are still freemium (or paid).  To earn revenue out of their junkyard, these games show ads. In order to generate more revenue company ask to pay to remove ads. SEGA forever is SEGA initiative to earn money out of their scrap. And I am gonna say they are going good with it.

We still see some of their fans are unhappy with the scheme and re-tweeted in response to it. Also users reported stutter and lags on iPhone 7 Plus.
sega forever tweets sega forever tweets sega forever tweets
Hope you enjoy the free games. Let us know your opinion on SEGA new free games.


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