In order to root android 6.0.1 you need to unlock your phone bootloader first. In order to unlock bootloader you first need to make preparation. So, in today tutorial you’re going to unlock your phone OEM and Root android 6.0.1 without PC alongside. In previous version we used to unlock android root right from the apk. But, with marshmallow, things are changed.

Most of the current devices are now comes OEM locked by manufacturer side. The concern might be security or not letting anyone to play with custom OS. Sure you can unlock your android phone. But not all manufacturer allows unlock code. So, we first going to unlock OEM with traditional trick.

Tutorial for Android 6.0.1 Bootloader Unlock

To follow this tutorial, you might needed.

Download USB driver for Android

Initial Bootloader Unlock Process

  1. Install Minimal ADB and fastboot driver in your PC.
  2. Open developer mode and enable USB debugging. Find Enable OEM Unlock and check it.
    vivo developer options
  3. Go to C:\adb\. Hold shift button and right click anywhere. Click on open command window here.
    minimal adb windows 10
  4. Type adb devices and let it identify your device.
  5. Type adb reboot bootloader. This will reboot your device in bootloader.
  6. Type fastboot devices. This will reboot your device in fastboot mode.
  7. Type fastboot OEM unlock. This will do the process. Make sure you have checked Enable OEM Unlock previously.
  8. For video tutorial please visit this link. You can comment on youtube video for any question regarding android 6.0.1 bootloader unlock.
  9. If this does not worked and your manufacturer you can try searching for bootloader unlock key.

Tutorial for Android 6.0.1 Root Marshmallow

Once you have successfully unlocked your phone

Download the Towel Root APK Tool

In order to root android marshmallow 6.0 or 6.0.1 download Towel Root APK from this link. If you’re facing any error regarding download from android file host follow this tutorial.
Google chrome desktop user gets warning to discard downloaded item. Click on dropdown menu and click on Keep.

This tutorial will help you to unlock root android 6.0 and 6.0.1 marshmallow devices. If you’re still facing problem this means your phone bootloader can not be unlocked. If you have jist to root your android phone you can try going lock and get it rooted with BTS dongle.


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