How to Remove Background from Image Online using Malabi: Yes it is Free

remove background from image online

About Malabi ~ Remove Background from Image

Before the era of cloud-inization. Humans uses softwares to crop out the white background from photos. That was the tidy way to do so but takes much of practice and time. Oh hey, back to 2017 already. Now we have over 100s of tools to remove background from image online. Out of those what my mind triggered is Malabi. Why? You will learn it very soon.

Malabi is a free editor to remove background from image. By free, I mean with restriction. Malabi, unlike other softwares is based on complete automation. You don’t need to click – crop anything in order to make transparent background online. All you need is a picture with background and motive to crop the object out of it.

How Malabi is different from other image background remover

Malabi is free for 5 images a month. Subscription is cheap. You can start with $2 plan for 20 images a month. $5 for 200 images and $20 for 2000 images. They also offers to downgrade plans for more details visit their site and click on Plans link from top menu.
Once you signup and attempt editing and leave. It will show your last image in editor till you download it.

Unlike Others – As I stated above, Malabi works completely automated to remove white background. For pictures with other color channels, you need to do a little of work. You can upload any jpeg or png image to remove background from image free. Make sure to find the optimal image at once because its free for 5 photos a month only.

But, Like Others – Malabi too works on color channel. Which means, if your background have certain matching colors as object. The part of object are crop out too. You will lean it in below tutorial.
For your kind information. Malabi editor is a heavy tool so I recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox only.

How to use Malabi to make transparent background online

Step 1 – Removing white background from Images

In the first step I am going to remove white background from Infocus turbo 5 image. This image has white background only. Which make it easy for me to remove it. Upload the picture or drag and drop it editor. Once uploaded click on Touch Up.
The editor will show tutorial. Make sure everything is A-OK by clicking on preview result. If yes then save changes. If not then you can manually crop out certain part of image using the step 2. See the result below.
remove white backgound online

Step 2 – Removing color channels from Images

In this step I am using a winter is coming guy from game of throne. I don’t watch GoT so I don’t know the name. Okay, upload image, touch up and back to editor. From the editor our motive is to remove photo background.  As I did mention that it works on color channels so obviously it messed up with my image.
remove background from photos
… that’s what I mean. Now click on mark object button and start making an outline on lord eddar stark (I was kidding). Please be unaware of changes it makes on the image, keep doing your work.
photo background remover online
Once finished with green outline. Start with the red one. Click on mark background first. Just like you outline on the eddar stark. Now overline on green outline using the red one.
remove background malabi

Step 3 – Preview Result

make transparent background online
Once you done with green and red outline. Click on transparent checkbox and click preview result. That will show you your final result. Click on remove shadow to see the difference. If that’s okay click on save changes.

Step 4 – Create Malabi Free Account

Malabi requires free account to download the final image. Keep this tab open and when it ask for account enter email id and password. Open your email id and open the mail which just sent. Click on verify. Head back to previous tab and download.

Step 4 – Editing Image Online

Your image will be saved. You can use fotor photo editor online change background to decorate your images like this.
game of thrones meme 2017
Phew, that was….. easy.
Using this online tool is easier than its look. Malabi saves my lots of time I spend on photoshop splash screen. If you got any tool for me sure to comment it out.


  1. Great post; I already use Malabi – I was looking for a coupon code and found your site; I’ve followed you on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

    I run a gaming / tech blog for fun at, so I respect the the consistency and if you have any affiliate sign up links for anything (like Sumo), I’ll use your link to sign up so you get a commission when possible!

    Keep up the great work.

    @360fov /
    Andrew Chooah (Web Developer)


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