Project High Rise Review ~ Build your Highest Tower in the City

project highrise review

Project High Rise PC, Android, & iOS Game Review


Project Highrise Review : Project High Rise is multi-platform game which allow you to rise your own tower from ground. It is available for iOS, Android and PC (via steam). This building management sandbox game is also available as a bundle for PC at steam. This bundle includes Las Vegas, Miami Malls, Tokyo Tower and London Life DLC’s. Though, for Android and iOS it only comes as a default project.

Project Highrise Review

Project Highrise

This simulator allow you to play as an architect, developer and a businessman. Your goal is to create the world tallest skyscraper and generate a heavy revenue from it. And also, keep your tenant happy. The more you grow, the more you earn, also the more expenses you will have to care about.ย 

A Strategical Game for Adults

Though the game does not features realistic graphics and heavy marketing. It doesn’t mean it just a time killer. It can be a serious strategic game if you focus on playing it like the way it should be. Generally, this game includes a hell lot of strategic techniques because you’re dealing with money. Your wrong move will waste your money.

Like, placing a studio apartment next to hustle and bustle of office will make your tenant leave. This game internal element like tenant satisfactions suggest you to place apartments on top floors. And, it is obvious enough.



project highrise tenants satisfactions

project highrise tenants feel

This game allow you to use common sense as well. Placing a trash disposable next to apartment will also cause tenant to suffer foul smell.

project highrise city contracts

Project Highrise allow you to sign government contracts. For signing up, you will receive $500 grants and will receive higher amount on completion of contracts. But, on cancelling the contract you will have to a fine amount which includes the grant amount, generally, $1500 and above.

Doubled as Educational Game for Kids

This indie game for android can also be doubled as a great learning tool for kids. With this game they will be able to learn money management and a little bit of architecture techniques.
As the architect includes lots of trials and errors in general. With growth, you have to remove some early used component to new one. By which, they will able to learn the concept of trend and changes.ย 



project highrise budget

Building a building requires money management. You need to invest a lot of money, your tenant will pay you and the game provides a big lodger of daily expenses too. Thanks to this, your kids will also deal financially. Even though this is a game enough, it is to entertaining even for adult to hook for as long as they can.ย 

Project Highrise Features

  1. ย Unlimited gameplay.
  2. Use your creativity and build more than one tower.
  3. Play on normal speed, pause the gameplay while building new floors or speed the entire game.
  4. Test your management skill with dynamic tenant demands and change in market.
  5. Various difficulty levels which changes tenants mood and environmental devastation.
  6. Loosing money? Get loans from bank or signup contract to gain instant grant.
  7. Attract media buzz, tenant and governmental influence.
  8. One time purchase right from Play Store or App Store.
  9. Additional DLC’s for Map and Contents within the game Get More section.

Final Words

Project Highrise will keep you hooked for long time. It is fun to play and entertain you even more when you start growing. You can use your creativity to build multiple towers or a stylish skyscrapper.

Like this, ….

Doofenshmirtz_Evil_Incorporated (1)

It looks good, though :/

Other than building, you can also learn a concept of investing in building management. Also, learn a little of market campaign using your buzz.

So, kids/adults (human beings), wear your safety cap and start building.

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