Portronics Conch 204 Review? Why it is NOT Worth your Money ?

portronics conch 204 review (1)

Portronics Conch 204 Review : Portronicsn POR 766/767 or whatever the variant it is. I am reviewing it today and in my Portronics POR 767 review. I will show why its not worth your money. Even though, it is a very good in ear earphone under 500 INR.

portronics conch 204 review

Portronics Conch 204 comes with 5 superb color options. Which looks too great and produce wonderful sound out of its tiny speakers. And, it provides a very special feature in it, which is I think, no where to see in its price segment. And that is, the Volume Adjuster. I will discuss on it later in this post. Just let me go through the intro.

Out of these 5 fancy colors, I choose the grey one which is POR 766, which is, cheaper when I brought one. I brought this in ear earphone back in April 30, 2018 and it still look dashing. The branding label color does not fade of, no sign of tearing on the cable. Well, that’s the only good sign because its stop working ?.

Portronics Conch 204 Review

Before I start, I am showing a proof that I have purchased it. And let me clear that no competitive company is paying me money to make a bad impression on Portronics. I am writing this Portronic Conch 204 Review based on my experience only.

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Portronics Conch 204 Sound Quality

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I am no good in reviewing sounds. All I can say about Conch 204 are…

If you are in search for an headphone which is cheap but produce good vocal quality. You can pick this one. There are few more options like Philips SHE1405BKBoat BassHeads 100, and Flash Super Bass which is indeed good for music. Also, Flash equip the volume adjuster too. But, I would rather suggest you to go with expensive options.

Back to Conch 204, which is great option for music at low price.

Now come to the bass. Bass is exceptionally good. If only it fits tight on your ear cups. Because in my case it did not. The sound engine (or speaker) focus more on vocal quality than bass. Which is a good feature. If you’re listening to music with less bass, it work awesome. It is exceptionally great option for low and mid bass.

Now come to the loudness. It is enough loud to minimize the environmental noise. And that is enough to protect your ears too.

Overall Rating : At cheap price it is awesome. I am giving it 5/5. Without being so judgmental, because it cost under 400.

How Comfortable is Portronics Conch 204?


Before starting, just let you know that this section is based on my own experience. It can be different with your usage. So just take it as an experience more than a review.

I just mentioned that it does not fit tight on my ears. And that is correct. Because its quite slippery. The only preferred size is medium one. The other two, I never used so far.

Cable is a bit long, for me. I can’t handle such long cable (1.2m) without cord manager. Plus, I keep my phone on back pocket while walking. So, all I feel is, without cable manager its too long. With cable manager its too short. And,  thanks to this my ear pieces are mostly pop out of my ears.

Now come to silicone ear cups. It does not hurt my ears. Does not make rashes or feel hard either. Its okay, but its not smooth as of SONY and MI Basic Earphone.

Overall Rating : 3 Out of 5. Its, JUST OK for comfort point of view.

Usability of Portronics Conch 204

Its only for mobile and nothing more products.

Don’t expect it to plug in your PC and play video games. The bullet sounds and some shouting CYKA BLAt may hurt your ears. Its loudness is good enough for mobile only.

Don’t expect it to plug into your PC running VLC at all. Or if you do so, don’t exceed volume range above 90%. If you’re video is on normal loudness.

Never expect it for sound recording. It has average Microphone performance.  Its for voice calling only.

Overall Rating – Its just OK for mobile only.

Build Quality

Now come to the actual part. It has worse ever build quality an in ear earphone can afford at such price. Portronics, if you really want to compete with big brands or some “Words of Mouth” brands, make a reliable product.

My experience with its build quality is poor.


First, the volume adjuster is not very reliable. The volume sometime fluctuate and some time one earpiece gets lower volume while adjusting volume. Sometime the volume does not come from one side.

Its not a fault, but its the way it works. Its really hard to master how you can easily adjust volume.

The “Multi Functional Button” will become dangerous for you. Not it does not blast off your phone. But, twist the cables or I say fluctuate the sound.

Cable quality is not very good. Its thick but it always feels like your cable gonna be twist very soon. Don’t let is twist or stretch other wise your one or either both ear pieces stop working.

Overall Rating : 2 out of 5 because its stopped working in 3rd month.

Portronics Conch 204 Warranty 😀

If I tell you Portronics Conch 204 has replacement warranty. It gonna be best joke of 2018.


It comes with 3 month replacement warranty on electrical faults. Like earphone stop working, Volume fluctuations, Button stop working, Mic stop working or Ear piece stop working.

And thanks to its not-so-reliable build quality. Those gonna be happen very soon.

Portronics offer you 3 months replacement warranty. 3 months, it used to be 6 months with Philips Rs.129 earphones. But Portronics really wants to stand off. And that’s how they gonna be.

And how you gonna avail this warranty? Via phone call.

[I leave this portion because I have not availed their warranty. And before I do so, I realized I am out of warranty period because I 7-8 days ahead of their warranty time.] If you have experience with it. Just let me know how it works.

Worse is, their is no authorized or PAN India service center located in local.

Overall Verdicts : Its Warranty is a Goddamn Joke.

Now comes to the real question.

Does Portronics Conch 204 Really Worth your Money?

The answer is





Maybe, because if you can keep this earphone like a 5K in ear wired earphone. It goes for a long time.

A Maybe, because if you already got a bluetooth headset, your earphone will be twist safe. The biggest reason for one side sound lost is twisting through the plug section.

Another maybe, because if you are a very casual music listener and you don’t use very roughly you can protect it for long time.

But, I still say that it got some really kickass music quality. Go with it, if you prefer sound quality over build quality.


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