How to Play PC Games on Android With Full Touch Support


Is it Possible to Play PC Games on Android?

There is an old myth surrounded by youtube gamers. You can PC and Console games like GTA V, Watch Dogs 2 and Hitman etc are available for android. But, the bitter truth is you cant. Their is no official support from the game developer company that let you download in android.

Flashback to the post where I show you how to stream Android Games in PC. If you reverse it you can also stream PC games into android. The few best options available to do so are Chrome Remote Desktop and Monect PC Remote. Using both we can stream our desktop to PC for some reasons. Anyway, these are not successful techniques to play game.

Yes it is., We Can Play PC Game on Android, But How?

But, we are not interested in streaming, Right? Today I will show you how to play PC games in android with full touch support. Using a server app to download in PC and app into android. Using this method we can play pc games on android by adding keyboard and mouse key on screen.

About Remotr – Remotr Review


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Remotr is a free app available on google play store. It let your stream games in you hard disk to your android smartphone. Thankfully, it does not requires internet connection. Though, you need to setup both devices at same network. Using either mobile hotspot or PC hotspot.


Remotr works better than Monect which is for some reason my favorite app. Unlike monect which provides a ready made layout. Remotr Game Streaming app allow you to make it from scratch. This gives you the full control over your PC game controls. You will see how to in later.

I will also make a blog post on how to do the same with Monect, later.

Remotr Tutorial to Stream PC Games to Android

Follow this tutorial to learn how easily you can Mary go Round the myth. What you will be required is

  • An android phone with atleast 2GB of RAM, Snapdragon 410. Having better specifications is profitable.
  • PC and android on same network. Use mobile hotspot or Baidu Hotspot for PC.
  • Internet access not required for playing but for downloading apps.

Downloading & Setting Up Remotr App

For this we need Remotr app.

Download Remotr app from Play Store. Next thing to do is to download Remotr server app from the official site. Install both and open it.

Remotr requires you to sign up first. Though verification is not required. You need to sign up using any email ID through the mobile app. Next thing is to login using the same credential on PC.

Adding Games to Remotr

Once both setup, you need to add games into your PC server app. For it click on Add Games, you can find it on lower left side. Browse through the drives and select the EXE file. You can add any game new using the text field. One more thing, you can attributes like -windows etc to the game. Attributes are special runtime keywords which modify game setting.

remotr add games

If you have added any game this will sync in mobile app too. Open mobile app. Login on it and select your desktop. On successful connection it will show games name with their logo (if available). I have all the old games so in game snapshots not available for them.

remotr pc app

Setting up Controls to Play PC Game on Android

After launching a game your first priority is to setup in game controls. Its easy first understand what keyboard keys your game requires and then setup it using drag – n – drop. For this click on Remotr logo on screen. For better tutorial I have made a quick video. Click and play below video.

Remotr Game Streaming Performance

hitman blood money android

Remotr game streaming is smooth but not very well for low end devices. Consider a heavy smartphone like OnePlus 3T can stream games like GTA V. Though I dont have any heavy game in PC. I played Hitman Silent Assassin and as expected it lags. The same lags and delays as in Screen mirroring. Still it is a good option to control your favorite pc game using android. If you like to play NES games in PC using android follow this tutorial. For you guys, I have made a video gameplay of few moments. Please have a look. So guys, in this way you can play gta v in android with minor lags but full controls support.

Hope you will not face any trouble doing so. Remember, you can adjust quality from settings if it lags. Let me know which game you are going to play with it.


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