How to Play Old School NES Games on PC using Mobile as Controller

play nes games on pc

What are NES Games?

nes room
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NES stands for Nintendo Emulator System. Remember Contra, Mario, Circus Charlie? Well, those are NES Games. Those were the games of the era where blowing a cartridge makes it work. When there were no save function and once we die, we start from beginning. Game has comes so far that we almost forget saving and pixel graphics. By the way, we can still go back to that era without buying any console. But, do you know you can use your mobile phone as a controller to play these games too? In this post, you will learn how.

Play Old School NES Games with PC Remote using Mobile As Controller

Want nostalgia to hit your head? Let’s do it then. For doing this you need to download Monect PC Remote. Need to know what is PC Remote then follow this article.


  1. An Android or iPhone
  2. Windows running laptop or PC, If PC then WiFi dongle is required
  3. Internet as WiFi
  4. Gaming skill

Create a WiFi hotspot using your phone or your PC. Once it start broadcasting connect the PC or mobile with that hotspot.

monect pc remote receiver

Open the PC Remote server software in Windows. At the same time open the Monect PC Remote app in mobile. Head to the Settings tab and find the Scan option. Scan and connect it. Now you’re connected to your PC. You can screen mirror your android screen to PC or play music. In this post we’re pushing us a little forward though.

Head to the Games tab in mobile app.

nes game list android

If you’re connected to internet it will show the list of the NES Games. If not then the list would be blank or show error. Make sure your internet has atleast 128Kbps speed to enjoy. Jio post usage works.

Click on any game you want to play. Once you launched it will be head to next tab and ask you to select controller.

Choose FC P1 controller. You can play nes games on pc using that controller set.

nes controller for android

Want to Configure Keyboard to Play NES Games right from PC?

Although I don’t recommend you to go with bundled emulator. Still if you’re enjoying it. You can do it too.

From the game windows. Click on Option from menu bar, or simply hit C key. Once it expand click on Controller (C).

virtualnes controller setting

From their you can configure the settings like below or customize as per your preference.

virtual nes pc controller configuration

Note it has FPS option in front of you. You better leave it default. Change the FPS setting will change the speed (frame rates) of the game.

You can also explore other settings like screen size from the Options too. If you face any trouble connecting or Monect PC Remote not working for you. Let me know via comments.


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