Paytm Wallet to Bank Account Transfer @ 2 % Transaction Fee

Have money in your PayTM Wallet and want it to transfer into your bank account? But, Paytm Wallet to Bank Account transfer chargers are more than you can afford. Hum?

How much Paytm Charges you for transferring money from Paytm Wallet to Bank?

paytm wallet to bank transfer

When you transfer amount from Paytm wallet to Paytm Bank, they deduct 4% of your transfer amount.

Say, you have to transfer 1500 from your wallet. You must have 1560 in your Paytm Wallet.

1500 to transfer and 60 (4% of 1500) is Paytm transaction fee.

Just in case you have to transfer 10000 from your wallet. You will be charged with Rs.400 which is whopping amount of money goes to hole. 😭

How to transfer Paytm Wallet Money to Bank Account Free?

Honestly, I have work hard doing research on Transferring money for free. Till now, nothing works. So, concluding there is no way to transfer money without any transaction fee.

Paytm Wallet Money to Payzapp

You can’t even transfer to Payzapp at all to save 2% of yours. There is no way to transfer money from any kind of wallet.
Payzapp only support Credit/Debit Card Or Bank Account transfer.

Paytm Wallet Money to PhonePe

PhonePe is another very popular mobile wallet which has the best UPI integration. Even though, it also won’t allow loading money from Paytm wallet other than UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card etc.

And why it is so? It is the biggest competitor of Paytm in the market till date. PhonePe wallet also offering great offers on vendor purchases, credit card payment and also offer gold purchase.

Now, the question remains is, how to save 4% transaction charge?

But, don’t loose hope. With the help of this service you can save 2% of transaction charges.

Now….. ‘Lets save your 2%.

Paytm Wallet to Paytm Bank Transfer at 2% only?

Suppose you are transferring 10000, typically Paytm will deduct 400 for that. What if, we save 200 for you and you just have to pay 200 for transaction? I’d that fair enough for you?

How it will works?

To save 2% of yours. You need to provide us

  • Amount
  • 24 hours
  • 2% service charge and 18% on that service charge

Suppose you are transferring the same 10000 and 2% is our charges. The 18% will be on that 2% which is 18% of 200… 36

With this service. You will be able to save Rs.164 in 10000 transfer.

For Amount less than 2500 we don’t ask for any 18% fee over transaction fee. That will be free and we try to transfer amount ASAP.

For Amount over 2500, we charge 18% over transaction fee. We will ask for 24 hours to repay your Amount.

Maximum amount we can transfer is 15000 per person.

Please Note – We are in no way affiliated with Paytm

For how to get started and trust concern. Please email us at