Nightwave Plaza : A new App to Listen Vaporwave radio station Online

nightwave player review

Nightwave Plaza : An app developed to broadcast Vaporwave radio stations 24/7 online

Are you one of the vaporwave fan? Who likes aesthetic music and old Windows XP like interface? And looking for a similar music station? Then you’ve reached the best planet of interface.

Today, we’re reviewing one of the best app to listen vaporwave radio station online. The name of the app is Nightwave Plaza. Though, it not just the app, you can also broadcast your aesthetic music using your desktop.

But before we start with Desktop app, let see what this app has to offer.

Nightwave Palza Android App Review & APK Download Link

Okay, lets first start with what Nightwave Plaza android app is capable of.

You can download this app from Play Store by searching directly the name.

If you want to download the APK, follow this link.

Nightwave Plaza APP Overview

Start the app.4


You don’t need to login anywhere to use this app. Just open the app and click on Play Button. This app start vaporwave radio automatically.

nightwave plaza radio

Though, to upvote any music, you need to create an account on their website.

In order to create their account. Click on My Plaza >> Register and setup you profile

Once you setup your Nightwave My Plaza account. You can upvote or downvote music. You can also keep record of your favorite music. Double tap on <3 button to set any song as favorite.

To see your favorite track, click on My Plaza > Favorite. Though, you cannot play any music from the favorite, it just to keep them as favorite.

myplaza registration

Changing Background GIF Images

You could not resist enjoying aesthetic music without watching aesthetic background, right mate?

This app allow us viewing cool aesthetic, vaporware gif wallpaper on the background while listening to music. Though, the app already show it on background, you can also change through the app settings.

For this, Click on Settings >> Background Settings >> and click <> arrows to switch backgrounds.

Click on Random to select any random background.

There are total 76 background gif images on there server.

In order to enjoy it, click on toggle Full Screen from Settings. Best for HD+ resolutions.

Last.FM Scrobbling

Nightwave Plaza also allows you to Scrobble your music on Last.FM. In order to start scrobbling, you need to create account on Last.Fm.

Though, I don’t use Last.FM, but for the sake of this review, I have created an account.

With Last.FM scrobbling, you can keep track of what are you listening on this app.  Through Last FM website.

Okay, here is my profile. You can see the music I played from Recent Tracks option.


nightwave plaza scrobbling

In order to start scrobbling your vaporwave tracks on Last.FM.

Setup account and verify your account.

From the app, click on Settings > Last.FM Scrobbling and on the next popup, enter your username and password.

nightwave plaza

Nightwave Plaza Desktop Website

In order to enjoy vaporwave radio, you can try their desktop website too.

The URL for their site its vaporwave radio station online
This is how it looks like

The desktop site has everything to offer which the app do. So, there is nothing more you can expect.

Only, you can play your favorite radio station online through your desktop.

You can also click the classic Minimize button like in app to display the full screen background.


vaporwave roman bust

[…] download the app. And start aesthetic music stream. That’s all I have to conclude.


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