Thunderbird Review : How to Setup it & Send Stylish Emails Like a Boss

mozilla thunderbird review

Mozilla thunderbird is the most awesome free alternative to Microsoft Outlook. Being a free software does not mean that Mozilla email client is limited to sending emails only. In thunderbird you can create tables, insert screenshots, attach photos and videos like you do in Outlook. Though, outlook comes with few premium features which this free email client for windows misses. But performance wise it beats outlook. In this thunderbird review you will see how to set it up in windows and mac.

My personal Experience with Mozilla Thunderbird

Before I start with how to configure mozilla thunderbird for gmail I wish you read my own experience. I have been using thisĀ free email client software for my office use. Though we serve on single email ID for all department. It used to be a mess to put Name in signature section.

No, we’re mumbo dumbo. We tried Microsoft Outlook before. But for some reasons we don’t like it. The major one is, its heavy and we need to click on Send/Receive to refresh emails. We don’t have time for that.

Anyway, switching from gmail to thunderbird worked as a charm for me. No complain till now. So, allow me to introduce you with how to configure thunderbird for gmail POP and/or IMAP configuration.

Setup Thunderbird for Gmail Email

Download and Install

The very first thing you need to do is to download it from official website. One it is download start installing it. Please note do not attempt to change anything while installing. Keep everything default. Once it installed, launch it.

Link Thunderbird to Gmail

This would be the first page you see after installation.

setup thunderbird

Click on Skip integration and follow below steps. The process to link IMAP and POP are same. You may have to allow IMAP and POP sync for your gmail settings in case anything don’t work.

  1. Click on “Skip this and use my exsisting email”.
  2. Enter your desired name, login id and password in text fields and click Continue button.
  3. Choose from IMAP and POP.
  4. Click on Done to setup everything for yourself.

If everything done correctly you will see your email thunderbird email folder in action.

Setting up Gmail for IMAP and POP

If you’reĀ unable to configure gmail in thunderbird. Follow this steps to enable POP or IMAP from Gmail.

  • Login to gmail.
  • Click on gear icon and from dropdown click gear icon.
  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • For POP check “Enable POP for all mail“. For IMAP check Enable IMAP.
  • Click Save Changes button.

gmail pop imap forwarding setting

Review blocked sign-in attempt

review blocked sign in attempt

In case you receive such email. It means you’re either using incorrect email or password or both. Make sure to reset password first in such case.

Customizing Your Emails

Name & Signature in Thunderbird

We’re doing both of these at same time. Start with clicking on your emai id from left sidebar and follow below steps.

  1. Click View settings for this account.
  2. You will see a page like in GIF. From that pop up you can change name and put signature.
  3. Signature allow text, HTML and Image format. You can enter anything you like.
  4. To put image to signature you can either use HTML or use file selector. For image file via file uploader. Check “Attach the signature from a file …” and browse Image file.
  5. Click OK once you done with it.

thunderbird change name signature

Here is how it looks like in action.

thunderbird email format

Inserting Facebook Emoji’s in Email Heading

Ready to make stylish platform independent emoji in your email? Then who is stopping you. All you need a fresh source to copy emoji first.

emoji in email title

  • Visit this site and find the best facebook emoji
  • Click on emoji to copy it into clipboard
  • From thunderbird, create a new email and Ctrl + V on heading text field

Insert Table in Email : Gmail or Outlook

You can create a quick table right from the editor. Just follow the gif instructions.

insert table in email thunderbird

Enough for today. I hope you will find this new email client for PC amazing. I would cover more useful stuff in later posts. If you want to receive a Hi in your email from envy. Just leave your email using our comment section. No spammy content, promise.


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