Mouthshut Review : What is Mouthshut and How to Earn Money Out of It?

mouthshut review

About Mouthshut

Mouthshut review is something user search on the web before buying their next smartphone. If you’re not doing it, you should to check for worth and span of any product. But what the hack is this thing? Read.

Mouthshut is a popular Indian website with motive to interact buyers/consumer and corporate companies. Basically, a buyer like me or you can add review of purchased product or internet service. Whether a favorable review, feedback, complaint or suggestion. Mouthshut is a powerful and emerging online tool to bring both consumer and company under one portal. The corporate company has access to reply over their feedback to maintain their reputation.

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Mouthshut Review

In this review, you will learn how to make Mouthshut account and earn money online reviewing products. To make a Mouthshut account to earn money you will need a –

  • Photo ID Proof scan copy, you can use Aadhar Card or DL.
  • A clear photo of you. Scan copy of passport size will work. Mouthshut won’t approve KYC form if you’re using photo with extreme filters.

How to get Started with Mouthshut 

In order to get started you must have above documents ready. You can create Mouthshut account either using Facebook or Google Plus.

You can try these 51 website to earn extra income.

  1. Click here to visit Mouthshut and create an account for free.
  2. Goto settings page. And under settings find My account details.
  3. You are at your KYC form now. Enter all required details and upload ID Proof.
  4. Click on submit button when you’re done.
  5. Now go to your profile and click edit profile. Add a clear picture of your.

That’s it. You’re done with the initial setup.

How to Start Earning Money from Mouthshut?

The sole reason to write this mouthshut review is to introduce you with this site. The first thing you need to learn is how to use Mouthshut. In order to create a comprehensive how to guide. I am breaking down everything you need to know about that site.

How to write a reivew on mouthshut?

Step 1. Goto the homepage, click on their logo to do so. The popup will ask you to search a category. Don’t enter it.
Step 2. Scroll until you find a banner with Write Share Win. Like in below image. Click on that banner.
moutshut review and earn
Step 3. Click on any category you feel comfortable with and click on Write Review.


How to write a reivew on mouthshut
Step 4. Now from the next page search for product and start writing.

How Much I Can earn with Mouthshut?

I am not saying that you can make a living out of it. But, atleast you can earn enough to fuel your bike for a month.

Talking about its payment structure ….

For every review you will write. You will get upto 40 MS Point. Generally you will get 20MS point for making and sharing a review. Their are sheer chances that you would get bonus too. But how much, that is the question.

You can also review mobile apps and earn money online out of it too. Like below, I have made a review on at made 20MS point. Here is that review.

To rev up your earning you can invite your friend. For every invite it pays upto Rs.50. Click here to generate your mouthshut referral link.

Mouthshut Review – Back to Business

As I already said. Mouthshut is not gonna help you make big money. But small sum would help too. Mouthshut did not used to pay always for review. But, now they changed their rules. You can generate income every time you made review.

Their approval process may take upto 24 hours and after then they decide to cash you or not. For most of my reviews I made 20 and few of them made 40. Here is the one which made 40 and here is the one which made 20. Judged the difference yet? Comment to get the mouthshut trick.

moutshut MS point

Second thing, their approval requires to have original and clear DP for some reason. I had a funky MSQRD filter dp and they disapprove my KYC approval. Isn’t Funny? Truleancer still paid me with fotor created dp.

Also, they sometime disapprove your quality article and accuse for plagiarism. The trick here is to write short content. Remember not to use real invoice even if they suggest you to do it.

Counting the negatives, their logo just sucks. If you google their logo, it will show a JPEG logo with no alpha transparency layer (in short no transparent logo).

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Mouthshut

Is mouthshut geniune or yet another fraud site?

Yes it is. Over 100 + corporate are joining mouthshut to receive user feedbacks. Mouthshut also opens a window of opportunity to small business owners like local cafe to generate online presence. How it could be fraud?

Read the success story of Faisal Farooqui, Mouthshut founder.

Does Mouthsut Really Pay?

Yes they do. But their KYC approval is a real headache.

What are the Mouthshut Payment Methods and Which one I should go with?

You can encash your MS point directly into your bank account. First you need to clear approval process.

Do you have any Moutshut Payment Proof?

Not till now, but I will add one later.

Any Tips for Reviewers

  • Make reviews in proper english. If you need help try this app
  • Make sure to use appealing headings
  • Make sure to put intros. Intro helps 10/10 times
  • Make sure to add photo if possible





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