How to Mirror your Android Screen to PC/Laptop using Monect PC Remote


As we all know we can screen mirror our android phone to LED TV’s. This features requires Miracast to do so. But, did you know you can screen mirror android to your laptop or PC? Nah. Don’t worry in this tutorial you will see how to do so and can play additional NES games too. All you need is an App for android and a Server software for PC.

About Monect PC Remote App and Server

The app and server which we’re going to use is. Monect PC Remote. Are you ready for this? Okay first go to the play store and search for Monect PC Remote.



There you will find two apps. The free and the paid one. With both apps you will able to do what we want to achieve here. The difference between both app is additional features. For our purpose. The paid pc remote app let you stream in high quality.
In free app we have low and medium quality to choose. I suggest you to go with free app for trial first.

PC Remote desktop server. This software serves as a bridge to stream content and do more stuff. Download it from their official site (link here). Install and run it. And follow the below tutorial.

How to Screen Mirror Android to Windows PC or Laptop using PC Remote


I assume that you have followed the basic. Now follow the tutorial to mirror android screen on pc via wifi.

Step 1. Put Phone and PC in Same Network

First you need to put both your mobile and pc/laptop into same network. In order to do so follow the below as per your preference –

  • Using Modem, make sure to connect both devices laptop and mobile via same network.
  • On an ethernet/LAN connection? First create a wifi hotspot from your PC/laptop. Don’t know how to do this? Follow this tutorial.
  • None of them? Create a WiFi Hotspot from your mobile and connect your computer with it.

Doing this will put both smartphone and computer in same network. Now follow below steps to complete the procedure.

Connect PC Remote app with Server

Open the PC Remote app on mobile. And swipe to More tab (last one). From there you will many options. Click on Scan to start searching for your desktop. Once it detect networked PC, it will connect to your computer over wifi.

If for some reason mobile app does not detect your PC. Make sure to disconnect phone from wifi and reconnect. Do the same with desktop.


Stream Android Screen to PC Over WiFi

Now head to Utility Tools. From there find Projector. Click on it and you will find three options.

Screen – Screen project your android screen to connected device.
Photo – Photo project your pictures from gallery.
Video – Same with video but it will stream MP4, 3GP, AVI videos stored in your gallery to your laptop.

In order to cast youtube video you need to open youtube app and play video. Worthless, yes we know it (duh). Though you can do some cool stuff with it. Wait for my next post ;).

From the SCREEN tab. Click on Play button. The default quality is medium. With paid app you can change it to High. Anyway, it will take few seconds to stream android screen to pc. If it shows any *fail* error make sure to redo it.

Now you can project whatever you want to do with it.

Monect comes with more cool feature than just this. In order to do that explore the app by yourself or wait for our next post. If you face any trouble connecting or Monect PC Remote not working for you. Let me know via comments.


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