mHotspot Tutorial : This Will Turn Your Laptop into WiFi Hotspot with Troubleshoot Guides

mhotspot tutorial troubleshoot

What is mHotspot & why I recommend it?

mhotspot tutorial troubleshoot

mHotspot is the not the only tool which turn your laptop into wifi hotspot. But, the only software which works for me. I tried Connectify but it showing me error at installation. I was in hurry so skipped it. Now let’s head back to this tutorial.

mHotspot is the multiple award winning software. This windows 10 software help you to share internet connection over WiFi. Practically, you can access that WiFi which your boss cut off due to high expense. In simple 3 minutes we are going to close this windows 10 laptop into hotspot tutorial. Because this is the max amount of it took for me.

How to turn your Laptop into WiFi Hotspot with mHotspot?

Before starting the tutorial. I will let you know that it uses microsoft virtual wifi adapter drivers. You don’t need to download anything though. But make sure your laptop has working WiFi adapter (card). If the answer is Yes, it allows sharing too.

  1. Save this hotspot for pc free download. Download from their own server for quick saving.
  2. Install the software. Skip downloading for Bonus app. Keep it if you want to support the author.
  3. Window launch and dock at right side of the screen. To get started enter hotspot name and password. Your name will be your SSID.
  4. Select internet source. For LAN choose Local Area Network or vice versa. For WiFi choose WiFi or Wireless Network.
  5. Choose max clients. And click Start Hotspot to create laptop hotspot with windows 10.

Is that simple? Not always and easy-peasy as it looks.

Error, Issues & Troubleshoot Guides

I had achieved this 3 minute quick guide after various trials and errors. So let me troubleshoot mhotspot for you.

mHotspot is Not Sharing Internet

In case your laptop start broadcasting SSID but still no internet is shared.


Method #1

  1. Head to Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center.
  2. Click on your network say LAN if you’re LAN. In my case its vivo 1606 because I am using mobile hotspot.
  3. Click on properties > Sharing > Allow other network users to connect through this … and select the desired connection. Say in most cases it reads Wirless Network 2.
  4. Click OK and leave.
  5. If it works then keep surfing. If not then try restarting.

Method #2

  1. Clear temp folder first.
  2. Try downloading microsoft virtual wifi adapter [here] and install it.
  3. Reboot your PC and try again.

mHotspot failed to obtain IP address issue and how to fix

This is very common issue and occurs due to security blocking. Say, antivirus setting or firewall.

  1. Just goto your antivirus setting > firewall / internet safety / internet security > unblock or make exception for it.
  2. For firewall settings. Goto control panel and search for firewall. Allow an app through window firewall > click on Change settings *first*. Make sure this windows 10 app is visible. Scroll in the tab if you don’t find it click on Allow another app. Select path to installed folder and add it. Click OK.

These are the two possible issues I have found while doing so. So, if anyone among you have any query just speak it out. If you find any better alternative worth installing then let me know about it.


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