Mental Hospital IV is now free on Play Store

mental hospital iv

Mental Hospital IV Premium Game Free on Play Store

mental hospital iv free on play store

Mental Hospital IV is an indie horror game by AGaming+. This first person survival game android puts you in the shoes of journalist, who can do whatever it takes to reveal the secret of St. Peter Hospital. This time you start your horrific venture in an abandoned orphanage. Your mission is to collect the evidence of St. Peter Hospital and death secret of Alice which is hidden somewhere in the orphanage.


Welcome to the Dark Side of Android Gaming…

mental hospital iv

Mental Hospital series serves as an Outlast series for Android. This horror game for android brings the Outlast style horror, video camera, ugly monsters and the research in abandon buildings. Even said as Outlast ripoff, this game is unique on its own. Mental Hospital is highly appreciated android horror game. Even the Markplier played one of the game from the series.

Get prepared for your first jumpscare in under 5 minutes of gameplay.

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Shan Gui

shan gui android visual novel

If Mental Hospital IV is too scary for you, try Shan Gui. Shan Gui is a linear kinetic novel which is listed free for android. The sale ends in 4 days.


This visual novel for android focus on bright side of two young girls. Who are trying to recapture their faded childhood memories. In this short mystery novel about a strange young girl He Jia. The story is set in Nanjing’s Purple Mountain. The 2 young girls who after meeting Jia embark a delightful journey.

Download Shan Gui Free


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