mCent Browser Review : Let’s try this Android Broswer which pay for Recharges


mCent Browser is a free browser alternative app for android. While it is free, it also free recharges for their user. In order to get your hands on the treasure you need to use this app. In my mCent Browser review, I will cover how this app works. How this app add credits and how useful it is for browsing. So ladies and gentlemen let’s gets started.

Where you can get it?

This android browser app is getting popularity from excessive in game video ads. Google Play Store has no penalty regarding on this app. Its clean and has over 500,000 downloads and counting. In order to get started, open play store and search for it.
Mobile users cand download this browser app from this link.
Other option is use our referral link and you will get 1000 credits (read what are credits) for free. And it pay use something they call booster? (let me know what it is).

mCent Browser Review & Usage

You know what silly is. Thinking that this browser sucks. While in hands on it does not. mCent browser is surprisingly perfect for browsing. But lack few features. And let me discuss whats.

mCent Browser First Impression

After getting it for the first time. The first thing it will ask from you is your phone number, name and age (is it matters?). After than it brings you the familiar chrome like layout. Honestly speaking, seeing the User Interface. I can say that mCent team has put a lot of work for their browser. The overall browser design is neat. Layout positioning is good. Not like UC Browser which displays hell lot of ads. This is where it wins.

Speaking about ads? It has too many. But the way mCent display the ads is clean.

It has very limited option and miss settings. Anyway, it allow you to save pages and download stuff from the internet. I will cover more in later sections.

mCent browser track your earning in real time. It display collected points on the top placement. Below it, it shows suggested sites bar. Trending searches just after that and then Recommended apps. It has fix banner placement for ads just above the navigation bar. Which show ads and trending search term.

mCent options and settings

It does not have setting and configuration other than text scaling. Its chrome btw. Clicking on middle horizontal bars will reach you to menu. It allow saving pages, downloading internet stuff, display history, allow share, bookmarking web pages and private tabs.

mCent Browser download is pretty compact and use material layout. It allow you to display all download, saved pages and by their file type.

Incognito gives you exact google chrome interface. As it does not asked for email. I presume it only store searches via cookies. Still your connection is public for google eyes and NSA.

Adding bookmark does not gives me any freedom to create folder or editing title. It straightaway did its job. Even though the Bookmarks folder show me a default folder on swiping to right.

Anyway, we’re very limited on options already. Let’s, let it go.

mCent Browser vs Google Chrome

Its m****fu*** google chrome already. This browser is based on google chrome. Its 100% adapted with better layout design and better download support. If your status quo allow google ecosystem only then this will be your favorite too. Its search bar, options page, settings (few or 2) is exactly chrome mobile.

The only difference is it use mcent search engine, which is based on google apparently. More specifically let’s call it trimmed version of The search engine does not display any tab other than search. You cannot do image search on it.

Layout is pretty average. It does not provide zoom support. Neither it has big navigation arrow except numbering nor video tab. mCent search functionality is pretty amateur. Navigation numbering are very close to each other and that’s why that are hard to tap.

Judging this with google chrome mobile, it has better UI and layout for home. It pay for your recharges. But, its search engine is average and seems empty.

Where it lacks?

  1. No option or setting page.
  2. You can not change search engine as their is no option.
  3. You can browse facebook because, security reason may be. It loads facebook in chrome. Still, you have option to login.
  4. It does not allow to create favorite or pin bookmark in home screen. Bookmark manager also very limited in options.
  5. Youtube video quality can not be changed. It play video in Auto settings.

mCent Browser Pay for Free Recharges, but how it works?

I am a man enough. I downloaded it for free recharge and end up setting as my default browser. Not for the free fund purpose. But, I really liked it. Anyway, I already jolted my appreciation for this browser app. Let’s get back to the real business. Free recharges.

But wait. You can not cash your point like Mouthshut allow you for writing reviews.

What are its Points / Credit things and how it Calculated?

1000 mCent = Re.1

Once you start browsing, you start earning. mCent does not pay you to click on ads. Rather than surfing web pages. I didn’t any special amount of points in my 3 hours of net usage but I learn 2 things.

First. mCent does not pay for clicking ads. But for searching terms.

  • For a single search term it pay 1 point.
  • For nested search term, say you search for once. Scroll to bottom and click on suggested search but once. It pay 1 point only.
  • In order to get 3-4. Search for a term and click on the result link.

Second. It has two parameters to work on. First its search engine and then its redirection. Once you search for a term it display the result in its own engine. They call it mCent search. When you click on result it provide a google like redirection with its own link. Hence if both are trigger mcent browser generate commission and add it into your account.

The best time to get boosted points are evening 6-8 PM.

When you will get your free recharge?

Once you hit the threshold of 500 points it add them to your account. Remember 500 points me Rs.0.5.

Once you reach the minimum recharge amount. Say 9000 for Rs.9 airtle recharge. You can directly avail it. Aim for a bigger recharge.

Is their any mCent Browser hack possible?

I am not sure about it but you can try it making as much account as possible. Try using parallel space. But, why? Why do you need mCent hack if you can pay for just browsing? In order to get unlimited mcent money make it your default browser. Keep using it.

Hello? Where is the Payment Proof?

I have not generated enough yet. Loading, please wait …

Bottom line

I was unware that it is developed on google chrome source. It is fluid and responsive browser. Unlike chrome, it provides its own home page and comes with beautiful option. Just call it chrome + default vivo browser. Still not adfree. The installation for both apps are similar too.

You would find mCent good too. Try this link to download this app. This will give you 1000 free points.


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