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I am browsing some reddit archive post and found a Maxbhi review there. I have been a customer of Maxbhi as I belong to mobile repair field. Anyway, I found some negatives reviews against that site which I feel odd. So, being their customer for long time I am sharing my own experience with you. If you had bad experience with them, don’t be afraid just speak it up in comment section. I would like to hear you opinion.

This review is in no way affiliated by Maxbhi or any other rival company. Its purely based on experience with their service. If you have any complain regarding this article please email me (check site footer).
PS – You have been warned

What is Maxbhi? is a popular ecommerce platform for mobile spare and repair items. You can find mobile display, touch panels, speaker, vibrator, mic and other small components. But, you can not found PCB and mobile processors as they are illegal to sell. Maxbhi also sell repair accessories like screw drivers, sim cutter, solder, flux etc. Also, mobile accessories including tempered glass, mobile back cover, stands etc. Although I don’t recommend you to buy mobile accessories from their due to comparatively high price.

Note that Maxbhi does not sell and/or own all of there items. works exactly like flipkart, amazon and shopclues. You as a seller can list item and attract more buyers online. Though your customer would be repairmen and service providers only.

Maxbhi Review

Got it? Okay let’s move toward our actual review where we learn maxbhi refund & return policy. Shipping system and clear whether Maxbhi is scam or not.

How to buy item from Maxbhi?

Once you signup on their site. You need to just click on buy now button to buy it. In order to be more specific I am putting down everything in detail.

  1. Go to any product page you would like to buy.
  2. Click on Buy Now button.
  3. On the next page, enter your shipping address and choose Courier service. Maxbhi deals with DTDC and Bluedart. For some reason they put this option.
  4. On the same page you can choose prepaid billing method. They allow Paytm and CCAvenue. Both of these payment allow UPI (Bhim app payment). Its sad to say they don’t support Cash on Delivery. Pay them.
  5. At this point your order is not confirmed or placed. First they confirm from their dealer and if they have supply available. sent you SMS that your order is been confirmed/placed.

How Maxbhi Works?

Once your order supply get confirmed by maxbhi team. They process for order placement. At this point I am not 100% sure but stating as per my eCommerce experience. Feel free to correct me.

You as a seller need to send ordered item to Maxbhi. They then pack your order on their own branded box. Provide courier pickup by themselves and dispatch to buyer doorstep.

Now what makes Maxbhi special is they share product image, package image and weigh with buyer. Check the below screenshot for instance.

maxbhi packing

It usually takes max 6-7 days to get your product in hand depends upon your location and courier choice.

Maxbhi Replacement Policy

Unlike some high rated ebay sellers. You will get 30 days replacement warranty on any Maxbhi item. Please check for warranty on product page first. In under 30 days you can claim replacement when product found electrically faulty.

I have one such experience when I received a touch panel which working automatically (ghost touch). As per their policy, I have an option to replace under 30 days. If, only when product sticker is not tempered or removed. The sticker has serial number for verification like in below pic.

serial no


I had replacement experience with Shopclues. They book a return courier by themselves. But, in the case with Maxbhi. I had to ship the defective item by myself. Even though their support was responsive but spending own money for some eCommerce defective item is pathetic.

So, for their replacement policy I am giving them just 2 points. duh

Maxbhi Refund Policy

Their is no refund possible for defective item unless the replacement not available. Anyway. If you place and order and item not confirmed from dealer end they process for refund immediately. But on thier Maxbhi wallet. In order to get money back you need to process by yourself.
Your money will be refunded through the same payment method you choose to place order.

To initialize refund, go to your Account > Orders > Select Order No.# > Scroll to Summary > click onĀ Transfer money from eWallet to Bank Account. For more details check this page.

I processed refund because one of the item I placed is not available at dealer. I get full refund by the total time its take is around 10-12 days. That’s delaying but as per their policy it would take max 15 days which assured me a little.
Comparing them with others. Shopclues refund me on 4th. day. Amazon in 7th or 8th day, and Paytm in around a week too.

What the heck is Maxbhi Cashback?

maxbhi cashback

Tbh, I have no idea whether I got one or not. The so called cashback is the sum which refunded to you at your eWallet for purchasing products. But as per my experience the amount is shown but never applied on my next purchases.
So if it just me or same with you. Please let me know.

Support and Response Time

I am not saying their very responsive or 100% uptime. But they are responsive. I get periodic information about my refund, replacement.

I had one case where my desired item not confirmed by seller but the alternative is. So, they call me about the case. I told they to recall me as I have to confirm too from customer. As expected they recall me on schedule.

maxbhi support

Also, I get periodic (automated) emails about my refund.

  • My order is cancelled – check
  • My money has been sent to their wallet – check
  • Money refunded to bank account and will be reached me in sometime – check
  • Money has been totally refunded – check

4/5 for this. Deducted one because when you ask question they respond back by 4-5 hours delayed.

So, is Maxbhi Scam/Fraud or Genuine?

What? No they are not scam. They are like any other marketplace which allow seller to sell their items. How they could be scam.

I read some people complains about their choice of product are crappy or cheap. Anyway, why would anyone expect a eCommerce marketplace to buy genuine stuff. No company sell their original spares to third part vendor. Your opinion is dope.

Final Word

So this is my review on Maxbhi mobile spare parts vendor. Out of my 5 purchase. 3 of them are successful. 1 of them get replaced and 1 get refunded due to unavailability by seller side. Overall my experience with them is favorable. I am not complaining. Because in first case I got my product repaired and in second I get my money back. Overall a satisfactory experience committing their cashback feature.


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