How to get More Likes on Facebook DP with just one Simple Post

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Looking to get more likes on your facebook dp. But, not ready to commit with stupid like4like or likebots. That gonna be hard, right? NO.

Hi friends, before I start, its a Happy New Year eve. So with new year we present new stuff. Alright. There is no need to look back to stupid or spammy autolike bots and licke exchange platforms. This year let’s start something new to get more like on facebook profile pictures.

So, lets get started to our how to get more likes on fb without autoliker 2018 trick.

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Get Likes on Facebook Profile Picture free 2018 Trick

Step 1 . Joining the Groups

The first thing we shall require is getting inside with some trolling facebook group. You can consider typing “troll” on google search bar.

facebook troll group

From the search result choose “Groups“.

Once you get inside join the group with highest members.

Why troll groups? Actually these groups has the highest engagement rate. The reason behind is they allow a soft trolling, cursing and insulting. Also, internet memes.

So, we suppose to get inside the group with highest engagement. Rather than self centered niche groups.

Step 2. Sharing a Simple Image Post


Now come to the actual step to get more likes on facebook dp. Share this magic image post posted below. In order to download click on below download image link.

You will need to post this image on selected groups. One after one.

Keeping the time difference of a day between each post.

Also, you don’t need to like back unless someone tag you with your name.

This will keep people engaged and put less effort on you to contribute back on your stuff.

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But before you start getting free facebook likes 2018. You need to perform a simple and most important task. Which is mentioned in step 3.

Step 3. Remove Profile Picture Privacy and Guard

In order to receive likes, you need to remove those privacy filters. With a profile picture guard no one will able to click on your display picture.

Quickly head to Settings > Public Posts > Public Profile Info and change it to Public.

That’s it. You all set to get recurring likes from people you don’t know. Go and get’em all.


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