Juggernaut Books Review : Best free Alternative to Amazon Kindle

juggernaut review

Ready to Buy Kindle Subscription? Think Again

Juggernaut Books offer both free and paid. Unlike Kindle which only allow paid subscription or paid books. Well, our motive in this review is not to criticize Kindle at all. But, let you know, there is a free to read alternative available on Android and iOS already. Now let’s back to Juggernaut. Juggernaut has lots of free to read books. Alongside it allow paid subscription as well. Juggernaut Books is available for both Android and iOS. Their website also allow read ebooks, but who really care about website anymore.

Now, its time to dig deeper into Juggernaut Books Review.

But before we start with review. Time to download this app from play store.



Juggernaut Books Review

Juggernaut Books, A Free to Read App for Android & iOS

The word Juggernaut means “a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force“, a book is knowledge, knowledge is power. With the help of this Juggernaut book app, you can keep this force/power in your pocket.

juggernaut books

This ebook reading app is available free on play store and app store. This app list

  • Free to read books
  • Paid subscription for various entries
  • Paid book

… just a bit like kindle.

There are many books available which are paid but with subscription you can read it for free. Just like Kindle Unlimited.

Some ebooks, novels are paid which means you have to pay the price.

Readability Options

Unlike Kindle & Wattpad. Juggernaut Books is very limited with readability options.

Juggernaut Books does not have read aloud option. This option will be help to pronounce difficult words. Juggernaut Books has an inbuilt dictionary option but it is too limited. It does not show meaning of very complicated or some old words.

Within the app, you can ,,,

  • Change background color
  • Adjust Line spacing
  • Change Font size

and these are the only options available. To access it, double click anywhere on the app.

juggernaut review

The app also features table of content features to easily navigate through chapters. To open it slide from right to left.

Juggernaut Buzz

Okay, this option is pretty useless for casual readers like me. I only downloaded this app to read some short stories. I am not a f***ing book nerd.

Anyway, if you are. It is good for you. The Buzz panel, display book news all around the World. Most of the news are from India. And few of the blog posts are global.

Its a good addition to those who keep track of their favorite writers or read a lot.

Write your Own Novel on Juggernaut Books

If you’re new into writing-thing and wants to be an inspiring writer WattPad Juggernaut is the best place for you.

Juggernaut allow you to write and share your own novel, design a book cover, and get lots of audiences (reader) for free.

If you already an inspiring writer and ready to share your own book. You can put a price tag on it. For a little fee off-course. By the way, I don’t know the procedure of publishing paid books. You can contact them though the app.

Just let me know about your book using the comment section.

Juggernaut Books vs WattPad


WattPad, good old WattPad. WattPad is a free book writing and publishing platform open for global audience. Unlike it, Juggernaut majorly focus on Desi audience. And it is cool, like Kindle which focus as per their geo-location. Like for Japan, it will show books popular in Japan only then it give priority to global publishers.

Wattpad is mainly about two popular genres, OneDirection-girly-romantic stuff & CreepyPasta Fans. There are also some Borderlands fans and Alt gaming fans writing their fantasies. But is vast portion cover only those two genre.

 juggernaut vs wattpad

Juggernaut is not just about a particular topic. Yes it is desi, but it covers a vast generes within the app. Also, adult stories. Needless to name any particular genre.

Juggernaut Books vs Kindle

Do I need to compare some, deep sea treasure stash with Sesame Treasure cave from Ali Baba 40 thieves? I don’t think so.

The only comparison which I pen down is….

Unlike Kindle, Juggernaut is just 2 years old company. But at that short time. They are managed to distribute and publish 5000+ books and 3000+ authors are contributing.

juggernaut vs kindle


Kindle subscription cost over Rs.1799 a year while at this price you can buy 6 year subscription at Juggernaut. Your first month subscription will be free without Credit Card.
There are few books which aren’t available on Kindle Unlimited and so on Juggernaut All Access. The one I found is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills. Both are paid for digital download.
Comparing the price of this book on both the platform. I found that Amazon is selling at Rs.29 and Juggernaut is selling the same at Rs.80.

Their is no option to buy the paper book from Juggernaut. While, you can buy it from Amazon (not Kindle).

Is Juggernaut Books Trusted?

Juggernaut is backed by Nandan Nilekani – Infosys Co-founder and former CEO, Airtel Bharti and Neeraj Aggarwal – CEO ofย Boston Consulting Group in India. You can read more about them from their About Us page.

Hell yeah, it is trusted.

Bottom Line

Juggernaut is a great initiative to start you reading venture. Whether it is free or paid. But, this app still needs improvement and need to have features like Read Aloud and a better dictionary API. This app already has a great User Interface and till which I can’t question. But the day/night will be helpful.

Till yet, enjoy the vast world of novels right from Juggernaut.


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