Is GTA San Andreas Dead? Nope ! Youtubers Are Still Keeping it Alive

gta san andreas 2017

If someone approach you in Gamestop and told you such line. Punch him in a face. Why? Because its not over. San Andreas is launched 13 years and 4 day prior. After getting its power fading in around 2010 – 2012. Youtubers has again taken GTA San Andreas to storm.

Now after the incalculable numbers of GTA SA mission and myth videos. Youtubers are experimenting with CLEO Mods and DYOM and resurrection the excitements. Even if you have stop playing it. You can still get back to Los Santos. Thanks to bunch of youtuber who encouraging it till now.

GTA San Andreas : A 2017 Tribute

Here in this post. You will find some fun loving GTA San Andreas 2017 videos to rejoice your good old days. Have fun Homies.

GTA San Andreas 2017 HD Graphics Mod

The one way to keep your favorite game alive and updated are mods. Using the best gta san andreas graphic mod you can turn it into 2017 era game. All you need is to download few files and keep it into your game folder. This video may help to demonstrate the quality level gameplay of GTA SA 2017 graphic mod.

Bouncing on Big Smoke Songs

Remember the mission Drive Thru? The exact mission where you take your homie to Clucking Bell and get attacked by some Ballas fools? Well we are not talking about that mission. I am talking about Big Smoke Orders.

In my previous post, I quote Big Smoke hilarious Shape of You knock off, Dip of You. If you missed it, here is the video.

But, thats not the only song of it. You can find even more on youtube. I have list out few of the favorites.

Follow the Damn Train CJ’ay

A number 6 is what I am thinking

Big Smoke X Mortal kombat theme

… just goto youtube and search for *big smoke songs*. That path will lead to melidious (cough* cough*) opera of Melvin Harris.

Removed Phone Calls, Beta Mission & More by KeV3nSGaMing

KeV3nSGaMing is one of the most candid GTA SA gamer I have ever found. Cutting the crap, his channel post most of the quality beta and removed content. Go checkout his channel and see what you have missed in the final version of GTA San Andreas.

Among all the videos of him. I have listed my favorite (quote/unquote)Photo Opportunity beat mission gameplay. Have a look, homeis.

Los Santos Cast, Kenny Paas & Jimmy01

Whats better than watching GTA Missions? Watching GTA San andreas skits. These three bustas including The Jizzy and ulown00b continuously making awesome San Andreas skits.

While Kenny Paas busy in taking you to Los Santos V.

Jimmy01 has send our favorite Carl Johnson to worst place in the world. You need any guess? Okay thats Bullworths Academy.

Talking about Los Santos Cast. They are making CJ invincible (& fat too) with 101%, 103% percent ganstar level, fat level and sh*t. Hey did you know what would happen if CJ is that fat?

The Unheard Mysteries of San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has not been ended with Smoke getting killed. It just never been ended. While some fan made mystery evolves around Leatherface and Bigfoot. Some question are never been spoken in the early 20’s era.

Time to hit the gravestone of san andreas. Youtubers wants to know some unasked questions which involves.

Is Ryder really a Busta?

What Happened to The Green Sabre?

What happend to CJ and Where he is Now?

… [find the answers yourself]

Now, if you still owe it into your PC or in Android. Why not to give it a try. Switch to Wrong side of the track mission and play it like a BAWS.

Funny Ways to Complete Damn Train CJ Mission


This one is finest



Hey, you got some cool videos to get in this post. Comment it out. Thanks for reading this post. Let me know which one you like most among them.



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