Sick & Tired of Memorizing Passwords? Try True Key Password Manager

intel true key password manager

What is Intel True Key?

Intel True Key is a password manager app is a product of Intel Securities for cross platforms . I have downloaded this password manager software for my windows with Adobe PDF Reader. It will work on your Windows phone, tablet, PC, Android phone & tablet, Mac OS, iOS and iPad. True Key supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari. It is also extended to Microsoft Edge but with extension only.
Intel’s password manager allow you to login with face or finger print scanner too. There are other factors too, like email and 2nd device, but it is cool to login using face than typing. All this for free, it also upgradeable to premium at a nominal fee.

How Secure is Intel True Key Password Management?


Talking about its security. Intel true key use local data encryption to store your login information. It is protected by AES-256 bit encryption. It first scrambles your login password and then encrypt it with AES-256 bit technology. Only trusted user can decrypt that password using their login credential. This means you can login to the respective app by clicking on the icon and view the saved passwords.


True Key password manager offers Multi Factors Authentication (MFA). Before login you will be verified by the two factors. First the master password which you used while signing up and the second is trusted device on which you signed it up. In case you try signing in with other than your device, you will be asked to verify with two other authentication factors you have chosen. The other factors are – Face, 2nd device and trusted email id.


Features of True Key

  • True Key is completely free for 15 logins.
  • You can upgrade it for storing upto 10,000 at a nominal fee of $20.
  • You will get premium features free for month on sign up.
  • It comes with interactive and easy to use dashboard. Even computer novice will learn to use it in the couple of attempts.
  • It allows quick login using face or a fingerprint scanner for android app, iOS and Windows PC using Windows Hello.
  • Other than login credentials you can store credit card, driving license and other useful information.
  • True key features cross device sync. Password saved in windows PC will be synced to your android device or iOS.

How to get started with Intel True Key Password Manager in Windows PC?

  1. First download the Intel True Key for your PC from this link.
  2. Install the true key in your pc.
  3. Create account using name, email id, and master password.
  4. After successful login, it asks you to install browser extension. Download and install it.
  5. Aside it, app also likes to click on the website icons from the interface and login manually. Skip it.
  6. Password manager sync all your password from browser and show it on app itself.
  7. First time user will get free one month subscription to premium feature.
  8. Try login to enter any site from your browser, you will be directly login to the site.
  9. Download and install True Key android app and sync all your pc password to phone. Read full tutorial.
  10. Under the login tab all your saved password will be visible. You can edit them, view password, add to favorite and add notes.
  11. Under safe notes you can add private notes.
  12. Under the wallet section you can add the following information – address books, credit cards for cashless transactions, driver license, membership info, passport info, and SSN details.
  13. Click at your name to check out your profile. Add more factors from their to make your password more secure.
  14. Under the settings you can explore extra settings, their is not much so you can figure it out yourself.


Final Note

Other than securing your online presence True Key password manager works local too. You can also store your Windows 10 (Outlook) password for one click login. On successful sign up or login to any website it stores password by itself . You have the option to make its store or not from the top menu which appears only after login.
True key has the cleanest interface comparing other. Other than that, it offers cross platform synchronization, a light weighted windows app, and it supports face recognition. Whats your experience with this password manager app? Share with us.


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