[How to] Get Instant Instagram Followers and Like in Under Few Seconds

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Looking for Instagram Free Followers? Here We have a Trick

Hi, as an Instagram user you must be using any free instagram followers app or website. Right? But on all this hustle you need to follow back someone or like other content to get credits. Website like Like4Like allow this facility. But what if I tell you the secret to get followers instantly using this Instagram follower cheat and all it takes is 1 minute?

In this tutorial I will teach you how to get quick Instagram followers and likes for free. The complete process to get followers on instagram for free harldy takes a minute for the first time. After then all you have to spend is some seconds. What’s more to get this trick done?

No SignUP Required

You don’t need to signup for this amazing trick. All you need to do is visit a website and start doing small survey which hardly takes 1 minute or less.

Now before I introduce with this free instagram followers instantly trick. I would like to introduce with the best free auto follower site which is Like4Like.

This free instagram booster app website is not limited to just it. It has all common social media like Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Google Plus along with Soundcloud, Reverbnation and even 9Gag.

Like4Like has million of users worldwide. It is the most popular so you will likely to get new follower and 70% sticky follower rates.
And in turn, you will also likely to see new pages and content to follow. Every Day.

Like4Like use credit system. You need to earn credit in order to use them for followers/view/likes. To know more about like4like.org visit signup link from below.

Doing a little hard work on Like4Like can make you popular on Instagram

Sign up to like4like.org using this link

Now, get back to.

How to get Instagram Followers & Likes Instantly using ….

Mr Insta


Mr Insta is the most quickest site to boost social media presence. Unlike other follower 4 follower sites. This does not requires you to signup or follow and like back.

Is it a bot?

We better not call it free instagram followers bot because it just a website.

No download or Traffic Sharing Required

All you need is a minute of your precious time. Unlike other free instagram follower website this one requires a survey to be completed. Although the survey is too short enough to do. I have a found better solution (cheat) to make it even shorter. What is it and where is the trick you will read later.

In order to get free instagram likes. This site requires you to enter your handler (username). No sign up required.

Their are two types of follower and liker plan available for you.

Free & Paid

The free plan has limit of 20 free likes and 10 free followers in a day for a single account. Mr. Insta free plan requires you to complete a survey to get your reward. Whereas paid plan can be configured as per budget.
Paid plan does not requires to complete survey and it is instant like free.

Both plans gives you instant result. Both plans are automatic.

How to use Mr.Insta

How to get 20 Free Likes for Instagram with MR INSTA?

Mr insta is the best and legit way to generate free instagram likes. All of the Mr.Insta traffic source is from United States.

  1. Visit their website and click on Login/Register
  2. Enter your instagram username without @ where asked and click login
  3. The page will be open which show you its plan
  4. Click on Free 20 Likes plan and activate it
  5. On the next popup you will be asked for instagram POST URL. Your post URL can be found by loging instagram from PC
  6. Paste the URL on popup and activate
  7. Click on facebook/twitter/google plus share button and confirm your share
  8. Once you done with 5 shares click on cancel button and you will get 20 free likes in under a minute

How to get 10 Free Followers with MR INSTA?

  1. Follow step 1 to 3 from above
  2. Click on free 10 likes and activate it
  3. Now this time you will not be asked with username as you already submitted it
  4. Click on activate survey
  5. Once you done with 5 shares, click on cancel button

Where is the Trick?

You see once after sharing content you need to confirm it. For the first time you have used this website you either liked or shared content and confirm it back. Now, here is the trick to accelerate the process.

Trick #1 – Don’t hit the Like button. Liking content will ask for confirmation which mostly expire or gives error. So, liking is waste of time.

Trick #2 – No need to Share content at all. For the second day, instead of sharing each and every content, just click on confirm button. Your previous shares will be counted as current and this activate our free instagram followers cheat

Follow the video Tutorial to get free Instagram followers quick


Please note that it only give 10 free followers once in a 24 hours.

Visit MrInsta and Start getting free Followers


If you have any better alternative than this. Please let me know via comment.


  1. I was wondering if there is a limit to how many times you can get free followers? Like after a week will it not let you?
    Thank you,

    • Hi allyson, there is no such issue with that site. I have used it for more than a week on regular basis and had not face any such restriction.
      Good luck


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