Infocus IF9011 Hero Selfie C1 Review: Best Keypad Camera Phone with Selfie Camera & Facebook @ 999

st keypad phone under 1000

Infocus mobile are know for standing out of the crowd, but, this. InFocus IF9011 Hero Selfie C1 cost just Rs.1000 and it has selfie camera with it. And its not for just show. The selfie camera works very well which I demonstrate in review later.

Last time I reviewed InFocus M5 Turbo (aka Turbo 5) which introduces a 5000 mAh power bank type battery. This time I am reviewing Infocus hero selfie c1. The same phone also known as InFocus F112, Infocus IF9011 and Hero selfie C1. Whatever you like to call this Infocus mobule phone. I still go with wizard of all keypad devices.


Infocus IF9011 HERO Selfie C1 Hands on Review

Just like any other entry level keypad device. Infocus keypad mobile Selfie C1 wraps up with charger, earphone and user manual. Even though Infocus slefie c1 can not be counted best keypad phone in India specs wise. Its still has got their charms.

InFocus Selfie C1 Technical Specifications

Display – InFocus IF9011 has 1.8 inch TFT display. Their is nothing special in display quality. Its just OK. Color reproduction is fine but staring it in dark or dim light hurts eyes.

Software – It runs on InFocus own OS for mobile. While operating it same as in other devices. Selfie C1 compiled with some cool features. Like.

keypad phone with facebook

Screenshot – You can take screenshot by holding call button.
Auto Call Recorder – You need memory card to record call automatically. Configure it from Settings.
Conference Calling – Yes, you can add upto 2 person on a call.
Wireless FM (Radio) – You can start radio with Up key.

Facebook ! – Pop in a 2G SIM with internet data and you will be able to access Facebook. You can take snapshot of facebook by holding call key. What more you need from this device? You can find Facebook under Tools.

infocus selfie c1

Music Quality – Sound is enough loud to be heard in a medium sized room. Music quality is also too audible. Vocals are clear and it delivers better speaker sound than boom box.

Music quality with earphone is too good. It sound like the old Chinese iPod shuffle. I have plugged both my Vivo earphone and MDREX250AP.

Camera – This Infocus selfie mobile does not surprise me with front camera but quality instead. Call it best keypad camera phone for its selfie camera. Check below.

infocus f9011 selfie camera

Also, this phone has rear camera which often take shaky pictures. Both Camera supports video recording.

Flashlight – Hold the big center button for flashlight.

infocus battery if9011

Battery – It has 1000 mAh battery of a very small size. I have not tested that long to test its battery. But a 1000 mAh battery for keypad device would provide 5-6 days backup easily.

InFocus IF9011 Looks & Design


infocus selfie c1 if9011

This InFocus mobile phone looks every elegant. Look wise I can call IF9011 as the best keypad phone under 1000 in india. InFocus hero selfie c1 provides marvelous looks. The front part has a basic layout with music control in between its 1.8 display and glossy keypad. Its front camera is placed very cleverly on very less margin to right.

infocus if9011 review
Dual sim keypad phone below 1000

The rear panel puts a stylish layer of pattern overs its plastic cover. It has iPhone like boundaries on top and bottom. Shiny bezel adds up the style statement to this Infocus keypad phone.

Am I Missing Something here?

InFocus hero selfie c1 phone comes with 100 day replacement warranty.

InFocus IF9011 price in India

This Infocus mobile price on is just Rs.899 only.

My InFocus Selfie C1 Review: Pro Opinion to this Lil Smartphone

Alas! While their are good points to put this in your bag as substitute. Their are few things which I don’t like in this smartphones. Let me list’em out.

Display quality is bad.
Screenshot, what is the use of this at all?
Music player might takes a lot of time if your MMC packed with 300-400 songs.

infocus mobile games
There are no game. I am feeling very bad for your cousin.
Primary camera is bad. (duh)
Whatsapp? There are many mobile phones below 1000 with whatsapp but why not this?

Now comes to the actual review. Selfie C1 is a product of InFocus where I can see a spotlight of future. Honestly this phone can beat Nokia 3310 concept with its very reasonable price. What’s your opinion on it? Let me see that it comments.

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