Top 3 Reasons Why *I hate Quora* so Much

i hate quora meme

I am an India & I Hate Quora

If the above line does not offend you. You might be like me(me). Quora, I hate it and I have no shame to admit it. It used to be a wonderful site for the questioners. But, used to be only. Now its a money making platform for some SEO agencies and Champcash Referrals. By the way, if you’re not like me who hate this question and answer platform. Let me convince you why you should be. Your offended comments are welcomed though 😀

What the heck is Quora?

I wonder if anyone left behind from such wonderful site. I still give you a proper meta description for it.
Quora is used to be (or is it still? maybe) a platform where a user can ask question. A person who knows the answer can answer it. Like Yahoo answer in certain ways. Only the Yahoo has worse ever performing server. The quora loads faster enough to be access on leftover JIO speed.

Quora allow anyone to access but only if the login with social platforms or email ID. You can post and recieve some Reddit like upvotes. Which on this website has almost no value.

Just like Twitter, Quora distinguish popularity by Followers. Unlike reddit which measure popularity by worth of their post. I am not in any mean foreshadowing reddit.

Top 3 Reasons Why I hate Quora so MUCH

Now comes to the top 3 reasons why I (and most people like me may) hates it.

A Community of Sapiosexual & Logophiles Indians

If you’re an Indian, society measures you with your grades. So does the same mentality implies over the Indian’s Quoran. My wall feed is filled with people questioning about IIT, IIT, IIM and IIT. This gives me very foil felling about the site.

classic iit meme

I can explain this point in other way too. Sapiosexuality is hyper on this site. If you ask some good looking question using synonyms or some fancy words. You will get attention. But, if you go noob and put questions in n00by words. No one in the world gives a damn about you.

Post the same on reddit and you will receive and answer. If not 100 or 1000 Upvotes for posting a question. but answer is much lesser time.

Check out the below snapshot. That’s a question I posted. Instead of answer I got suggestion regarding my writing skill.

quora meme

Same when you answering the question. Nobody likes your answer. They like words, post answer with words which they don’t understand and you will attain reputation.

Post answer with over 500 to 600 words which partially relates with the topic. Fill them with images and your background like your father is fisherman of sort (an easter egg here). Your answer will be on first.

This is what Sapiosexulaity means.


Quora allows various sort of reputation techniques on their site.

  2. Views on answers

No.1 is followers. Why in the world we need followers. Its not twitter on instagram. Its a *ducking* QnA website.

Quora ex-positioning people with high followers as intelligent.

Now…What if I hire a virtual assistant on truelancer and pay ’em to answer 50-60 question in a day. If I do a quick math, that means 3000 answers in a month.

3000 answers x 500 views on each = 1500000 views.

… and this huge value may attract 500-1000 followers.

Well, practically i have over 200.9K answer views and 8.3K this month.

Half of my answer is like posting quotes and memes. Am I a *ducking* Meme Legend of some sort?

No I am not.

Every one in this world attain some knowledge. We should compute their knowledge with how much people follow them. This kinda hypocritical.


Marketers/Affiliates/Backlinkers… and visit my site Sh*t

I never do such calculation but most of the trending articles on quora is badly spammed. For instance … google “how to buy bitcoin quora” or “how to make backlinks quora”.

For the first statement, you will receive humongous amount of answer. Either they are promoting their  trading platform. Or if not then their refferal code. Or if few of them have clean hands, they must have an article written on their blog.

Now go with second statement. I doubt you find any proper answer with this question. 90% of answer relates to any agency marketer.

They make it like “…. I found this tool helpful. Go check it out”.

“I will give you 100 backlinks at $5” or so.

If not then they give you the same 2010 seo techniques in whatever era you asked for. They make 100 or so fake profile and upvote their answer.

Good thing, Quora does not measure top answer by upvotes

i never told you i made affiliate money with quora
i just never told you

Anyway, lets end this confabulation here. I would like to hear opinion on this topic. Don’t be afraid bro-sweet heart speak it out.

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