How to Get an Awesome Reddit Profile Page Beta in a snap?


Did you know? You, as a reddit user can now sign up for a reddit profile page beta to get your personal reddit wall. Doing this is easy, but you need to be specific with some elements. As it is in Beta mode, it will only allow you limited customization. Such as, adding profile picture, cover photo and adding a bio. Now, before we dive into the tutorial. Let’s first take the overview of one.

Reddit Profile Page Beta Overview

reddit kn0thing

Have a look at reddit co-founder “Alexis Ohanian” profile. In the above image we can see what we will got in this reddit beta. The brand new user page reddit will allow other to visit and have a look at your daily deeds. Say, you post something on community which is worthy. Or express that you’re “guru” in specific niche. With the help of your wall your visitor can have a look of it.

You’re what you post. Your reddit profile will show three useful tabs.

Overview –¬†which gives an overview of what you do.
Posts – this section only display post.
Comments – which show your comments.

There are two more options hidden beneath the ellipse. The old overview page and glided posts.


Reddit, this time removed +friends button and added Follow option for their users. Unlike the common status quo of social media blog. Reddit put your profile pic, cover and username at the right sidebar which looks convenient to me.

You might be wondering. Where is send a private message button? It is inside the More Options. Click on it and an option get revealed.

reddit send private message

Remember, your personal wall will work as a subreddit. So now, you don’t need to wait for 30 days to create a subreddit.


What You Can Do with your Reddit Profile?

Let me remind you this program is in beta. So, don’t expect much from them. But with your new profile you can do much more than before.

  • You can create post right from the wall as in facebook.
  • People can follow you and your content by visiting your reddit wall.
  • You now can post your display picture and a banner image.
  • It allow you to showcase post and comment in a modernized way.
  • Reddit will display other people common in/with you, friends and followers in sidebar.

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How to get yours?

Ready to get one for yourself? Follow the guide.

Singing up to get beta profile

reddit profile pages beta

In order to get it, you need to signup. You need to visit this link. You should be agree with their guidelines and click “Give me the new profile” button.

Add display picture banner and bio

reddit profile signup

Display name can be different from username. Although, it does not affect username or URL. Set it whatever you want.

Your bio should be in 200 words max. You can add only text and ascii symbols. HTML and formatting not allowed.

Your reddit profile image size should be strictly 256×256. You can only post .JPG and .PNG files. Good thing, you can user your facebook DP and resize it with MS Paint. I am waiting for this feature to be upgraded to .GIF too. One more thing, transparent PNG would be white washed.

Now come to banner, this should be of size 1280×384. Pro tip ~ Just add more dimension to your facebook cover.

We can also hide NSFW content on our profile page. Just check the button.

You don’t need to click any save button for now. Move onto the next step.

Privacy & safety

reddit profile privacy

This, even more limited. You can either hide all your post or show. No in between.

The second option is to show or hide your active communities.

Below it is a save button click and redirect to your profile.

Hey, but remember what Dalai Lama XIV¬†said. We just crashed bruh…

is reddit down
Nothing is Permanent

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reddit envytechblog

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