AdSense Speed Run: How to Get Non Hosted AdSense Approval with 20 Days Old Blog?


First thing first. Their is no such thing like adsense approval trick. If your blog is worthy enough. Adsense will approve your blog. If not, the adsense drop you a mail with the reason why they disapprove.

Understanding Google AdSense

Everyone knows what Google AdSense is. But understanding a bit of it is still required. Google Adsense is one of the most demanding ad serving platform till date. Adsense is not like other platform where you can get any fixed amount of money for clicks.

For over 1000 impressions, you can earn atleast $0.20. For this, the traffic must be unique.
Secondly, Adsense is very complex in itself. But, with few mathematics skills you can double your adsense monetization. Say, choosing the right size of banner, studying which placement receive high CTR/Impression can help increase earning.

Pssh, if adsense is clumsy you can try Mouthshut. This Indian portal help you to generate income while writing review of products.

Adsense also provide various ad styles and customization for each of your ad units. The most trending ad unit now day is In feeds. You can blend In Feeds adsense unit in home page feed section.

Anyway, these are few adsense tips. Now let me start with the speedrun.

How to Get Non Hosted AdSense Approval

Getting Your Site Ready to get Google adsense approval fast

Time required – 5 Days min to generate 10-15 content. 2-3 hours to create required pages. 30 min to come up with a logo design and 30 min to create it. 10 min max to create email ID.

This is the most important step. Before you look forward on how to get hosted adsense account. You need to be sure that your site is ready for it. In order to explain better, I have breakn down everything in point. For confusion sure to hit comment.

  1. Choose responsive theme. Design is the most important.
  2. Go get yourself a logo ~ You can create logo from or hire me at truelancer. Write me at
  3. Write atleast 10-15 blog post. Or hire someone to write for you.
  4. Get some traffic, social media is a wonderful place. Google adsense will approve your blog even if your blog does not get any organic traffic! Yes.!
  5. The magic adsense non hosted approval trick – Create AboutContact Us & Privacy Policy Page. I get approval for this blog too, check out the following pages from footer links. They does not meant to be professional, just informative.
  6. Create Menu don’t leave it to default.
  7.  One more magic tips on how to get fully approved adsense account. You should be 100% accurate with contact email addresses. For a simple blog, create an email account and use it for contacts. Mention the same on About and Privacy Policy page.
  8. Your blog posts must be complete. Have some valuable and worthy content. Anything which is resourceful is worthy. Plagiarism kills the blog value so avoid it. Make sure to use the Table of Contents in your post.

Make sure to put #1, #5 and #6 on top priority.

How to Set up Google Adsense

Time required – 20 minutes max

The first step is to sign up for google adsense. In order to do that head straight to A friendly suggestion here, please create a unique gmail id for doing so.

After signing up, you need to enter personal details including –

  • Name as in bank passbook
  • Postal Address ~ as same as mentioned in bank
  • Mobile number verification via OTP

After then you will be presented with an adsense code. Please be sure that the ad does not show anything on your blog. It is required to estimate overall performance of your blog. Paste this in you website. Also remember that there are some blog claims how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute. Ignore them.

Paste Code to your Site and Bring some traffic

Time required – 5 min for pasting code, send traffic till your blog approve.

Paste the code from adsense to your site. Now, you can either wait for 2-3 days to get your result. Or implement my adsense approval trick 2017 to get positive result. Choice is yours.!

Bring some traffic – Now once your received adsense monetization code implemented on your blog. Make sure to hit some traffic. Our preferred choice is social media. Start sharing your best post on groups and collect over 50-60 traffic in a day.

Follow the same on Day 2. You need traffic to get adsense non hosted approval. You can also choose to join facebook groups related to your niche and share some valuable content in it. Make sure to join narrow niche blog. Like for a post with infocus turbo 5 review. Choose to join the respective group and share your link.

In the meantime, remove any other ad media you are using.

How Long Google Adsense Approval Takes

Usually, a day or two. In the following days, they gather the type of visitors, website layout and post layout. Also, you need to have your site 100% ready to get approval.

Important Things to Remember

  1. In order to get google adsense approval fast, your blog should have proper design. Overflow of content may put approval in risk. Make sure everything regarding to design should be A-OK. For wordpress you can use Hueman theme to get started.
  2. Menu plays an important role in both adsense approval and sitelinking. Make sure that they should be placed chronologically.
  3. Remove any other ad serving code from your site at that time.
  4. It is the myth that google does not approve wallpaper or niche based site. Just be sure your site design rocks.
  5. Privacy policy is important. Keep this in mind. Also, your email id must be same on all pages unless you are using multiple id’s like,


If you are following my timeline assumption. You will notice that it only took me 7 days and 4.35 hours to get 100% adsense approval. Practically keep your blog aging for around 10-12 days to get this guide works. Don’t go with the myth. You can have your non hosted adsense approval for any type of blog, except pornography material. Erotic material still works. Also, you might get not approved for cracks. But after approval you can use adsense on them.

For wallpaper/screensaver or dedicated theme or icon pack site. Maintain a great design. Your blog will be 100% approved. Experience.!


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