How to Fix Blogger Whoops, that’s an error! (bX-7vrbly) 100% Working Trick


Blogger Whoops, that’s an error! (bX-7vrbly) Connecting 3rd Party Domain


blogger whoops thats an error

Are you getting an unsolved error while connecting your custom domain with Blogger? Okay, this is getting common with people now days connecting their domain brought from godaddy or bigrock or any 3rd Party registrar. This error known as “Whoops, that’s an error! (bX-7vrbly)”.  And on googling, we found some useless cliche tricks to fix this like –

  • Clear you cache
  • Uninstall chrome (really?)
  • Keep hitting reloading button

So, what all these gonna do is to frustrate you around. This happens to me too when I tried connecting my 3rd party domain brought from bigrock with

But, finally I am able to found the trick.

Before I start the fix. Just make sure to do not clear any cache or stop hitting reload button.

How to fix Blogger Whoops, that’s an error! (bX-7vrbly)

In order to fix this custom domain blogger error. First download any other 3rd Part Browser like Opera or Maxathon.

Just make sure to not use chrome for this. This is proven crash/error/bug with just Chrome. It won’t works with Android version with chrome too. So trying with your smartphone will be worthless.

  1. Download Opera and install it. No need to reinstall if you already have it.
  2. Login to your Blogger account.
  3. Open Settings page and scroll to Publishing.
  4. Click on  + Set up a third-party URL for your blog and Enter your domain name with prefix www.
  5. Now, this will definitely works this time. See the screenshot.

Need picturised help? Follow our help in pictures guide below

How to Fix Blogger Whoops, that's an error! (bX-7vrbly)

If you need help with setting up connecting Domain Name with using DNS manager. Follow this guide written by Shetoldme.

If this still does not works and you need help. We can help you with a little charge of $1. To contact us, please mail us at envytechblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

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