How to Make Facebook Reaction Poll Image Post in 45 Seconds

fb reactions poll

What is Facebook Reaction Poll Image Post?

Facebook reaction poll is a trending clickbait to get more likes on your page. The new concept of reaction brings virtual enhancement to regular poll. A typical facebook reaction poll includes two out of 6 reactions available. Depending upon the nature of poll it could be like, love or angry, sad to funny, wow. In this post I will teach you how to make facebook reaction poll image. To make it easy I have created a beautiful photoshop facebook reaction poll template. All leave for you to do is include appropriate content for poll.

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Getting Started with Facebook Reaction Poll Post

In order to create your quick facebook reaction post I have created a photoshop psd file template. Download the image from below link. This template includes like transparent reactions for both sides – left & right. Text for these reactions. Placeholders to include content of the poll. Text for these content. Last not the least, border to make our fb reaction post image looks attractive.

Download the Facebook Reaction Poll Template

Download the PSD Template from below link. Open this psd template in photoshop. And follow the below steps in order to make your facebook reaction poll image. Seconds spent – 15 sec.

Download PSD Template

Creating your Facebook Reaction Poll Image

Open facebook reaction poll template and load the downloaded psd template. The image size is set to default facebook post size which is 940×788. Inside you will find 4 groups and a background image. Both left and right groups have similar content. These are – 6 different reactions layer and one text for them. In pic & text group you will find picture content and their respective text layer. 4th is border group which includes rectangular share border.

  1. Expand pic & text group and load your poll content. This could be two different smartphones or cars. Make sure it will be transparent. Include both in mentioned group. (10 seconds spent)
  2. Edit the content of text to appropriate image. Close this group. (5 seconds spent)
  3. Open both right and left group and choose the desired reaction. Edit the text to desired on. These are – like, love, sad, funny, wow, angry. (5 second spent)
  4. To change border color. Click on border group. Select the shape and use Rectangle Tool from left pane. From top bar choose stroke color. See the screenshot. (5 second spent)
  5. After everything is set click on Ctrl+Shit+S. Choose desired picture format and save it. (Yet another 5 seconds to save)






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