How to buy Gold & Silver online using Mobile App?

buy gold silver online

How to buy Gold & Silver online?

You can buy Gold and Silver online which start from low as Re.1 to Rs. 50000. The reason to buy Gold online in India could be any of the below.

  1. You want to invest in Gold online.
  2. You want to use Gold/Silver PayTM insurance ➕.
  3. Your friends are buying gold and you want some of it too.
  4. To gift 🎁 to your friends and family.
  5. You received as Goldbuck on Paytm and you want more.

It doesn’t matter what would be your reason❓You can go online using your mobile app and buy these precious metals online at any price.

If you’re looking for trading purpose. I better suggest you google MCX trading. Because, in this article we are using the investment as a SIP measure not EFT trading.

👋 let’s get started with how to buy silver and gold online. But, let’s first start with the GOLD.

How to Buy Gold Online using Mobile📱App?

As we all know, we can buy gold from PayTm. But, it is not an only app to buy gold online.

Before we starts with other app, let’s see how we use Paytm to buy Gold.

Author Note: I let you know that this article has some Referral links for App Install. Though, it does not cost you anything to use the link. It helps me to generate a little revenue.

Moreover, you will also generate a royalty amount  when you buy Gold using the app in return.

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Buy Gold Online using PayTM Mobile App

Paytm does not requires you to do KYC in order to purchase gold. You can buy it using your Non-KYC Wallet account.

Make sure to read, When to buy gold/silver online (coming soon) 💭🙇? Before you start trashing money into it.

  • Open Paytm app and you will see Gold section. KYC not required to buy gold from Paytm.
  • Go to buy gold and enter amount. You can buy with Re. 1.
  • Paytm only offers 99.99% 24K pure gold secured by MMTC – PAMP. To learn more about MMTC-PAMP head to this WikiPedia Page.
  • The minimum buying amount I suggest you is rs. 100.
  • If you want to buy on gram basis, you can select the buy in grams option. Although, I recommend you to stick with buy in amount if you’re budget is low.
  • Make sure to utilize for any coupon code or offer on gold purchase. You need to scroll down a little to see available offers.
  • Once you’re done, click Buy Gold.

My Purchased Gold 


paytm purchased gold

Buy Gold Online using PhonePe Mobile App

The procedure of Buying Gold via PhonePe is same as PayTM. Though PhonePe might requires to have a KYC account. I am not sure because I already have a KYC account. PhonePe KYC is online and no biometric is required.

  • Install PhonePe using this link to get Rs.100 in your wallet.
  • Scroll to the bottom of PhonePe where you find, Gold. Click on the option and you will directed to gold buying page.
  • Now, phonepe gold purchase is different from PayTM. PhonePe allows you to purchase both 99.99% purity gold and 99.5% purity gold. I recommend you to go with 99.99% gold provided by MMTC-PAMP. It is expensive but pure gold.
  • The minimum buying amount is Re.1 which includes GST, So, the gold you purchase is of less value than Re.1.
  • Click on “Proceed to Payment“. You can use your linked Debit Card, Credit Card and can use your Rs.100 wallet amount which you will get by siging up through our referral link.
  • Click on Buy.

How to Buy Silver Online in India using Mobile App

For buying gold and silver online. We will now use the Augmont app. If you’re frequent gold buyer, you must have heard the name of Augmont. Augmont is a very popular online Jewellery buying site for commercial and trading purpose.

From Augmont, we can buy 24K 99.99% gold and silver backed up by MMTC-PAMP. Augmont also has their Trustee Certificate uploaded on their App. Follow the step by step tutorial to learn how to see it.

Buy Gold & Silver Online using Augmont Mobile App

You can buy yourself Gold online through the Augmont app and can sell, or deliver it as a coin or bar.

To get started, first install the app from our link.


  1. Signup to this app. KYC is not required to purchase gold or silver from their app.
  2. Once you signed up for their app. You will be directed to their Home page which display current Gold and Silver price.
  3. If you want to buy Silver online, click on Silver – 24K 999.
  4. Enter the amount of Gold/Silver in Rupee or Gram. Say, if you like to buy 10 grams of silver, enter 10 in Grams section and click buy now. The right side will display how much it cost to buy 10 grams of silver as in screenshot.
  5. You can use Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallets : PayZapp, Ola money, Freecharge, Jio Money and Vodafone mPesa for their Payment.
  6. Once after purchasing, you can click on Secure Vault to see how much amount of Gold/Silver you have purchased with their live price.
  7.  I have already purchased 5.0045 grams of silver for this tutorial purpose.

My Purchased Silver

augmont purchased silver online

To check their trustee certificate.

  • Click on three dots “…” more section.
  • Click on Trustee Certificate.
  • From there, you can see IDBI trust certificate of Augmont which is a part of Bullion Indian Members.

There might be few other apps to purchase Silver online, but I have not tried it. If you have some in your mobile. Please do share with us using the comment section.

Final Words

Gold and Silver is not something which you can purchase anytime. Gold and Silver has their variable price which can go up or down with current market standard. Just make sure to buy only when its low.

You can buy the 24K Gold and Silver with 99.99% purity using the apps I have shared. These are secure apps and those which you use for your daily task, from buying milk to meal.

So, are you going to buy some gold for yourself? Or are already dealing with this yellow stone? Just let the me know about your experience via comment.

Thanks for reading.


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