Guns of Boom Review : CS:GO Quality PvP Action into Android


Guns of Boom Review : Free PvP Android Game with Team Deathmatch and Control Points

Have you heard of Guns of Boom yet? If not then you’re losing a intensive gameplay of worldwide battle in your mobile. Guns of Boom is a player vs player team battle. In which brings you in the arena with players around the world. Guns of Boom follow the CS:GO concept to go kill, die respawn and follow the trail doing it. Also akin to CS:GO it has a big variety of arsenal, skins and customizations, upgrades, gears and insignia.

Before I starts with its review. Let’s have a look at its gameplay.

Guns of Boom takes cartoonish approach toward CS:GO fanbase. Did I mentioned its free to play android game on playstore? Yes it is. But have few in game purchases too. Like seasonal promotion and booster packs.

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A Gamer Review of Guns of Boom

Let’s come to what I liked and you would love too


Every Gun has Traits

Guns of Boom is filled with Go , kill and Die gameplay. Its like CS:GO but on the cartoonish side. Unlike other free android pvp games, guns of boom allow cool arsenal. Let’s talk about everyone favorite gun Traitor, Brawler and Remedy. All three are shotgun with their own traits.
Traitor freeze down target’s and slow down their speed.
Brawler make you run fast and its show are effective.
Remedy is slow to hit but takes do very high damage on target. On each hit you receive health boost. That’s why it is called Remedy.

These three are shotguns, other guns like assault rifle, sniper and machine guns has their traits too.

Cheap Guns

For a starter you don’t have much weapon to buy. But, thanks to developer you need not to pay money. The first gun you can buy cost just 1 gunbucks. Most of the guns like Vampire and Brawler can be purchase at cheap gunbucks both cost under 50K gunbucks.

Effective Shotguns

Shotguns are special and very effective. Thanks to game dev, recoil is too low. Most of the player I confronted and I too prefer shotguns.
I have made my own gameplay with my favorite shotgun Battering RAM. Have a look.

Upgrades are cheap but at a limit. At level 3 you can buy them with gunbucks but later will required GOLDS. If you don’t have much, you can complete quest or just make payment.

Cool Costumes

guns of boom customization

Okay, they are not much and hard to get but cool. See that knight costume which has Fry Pan on their ass and Spatula on arm. Soldier costume with metal arm. Ain’t is these cool? That’s what other game misses.
If not costume. When you upgrade your Jacket it gets changed. And on high level its cool.


The base reason why GoB is much active because its free. I would not like to paid and become active on some paid game. So with thousands like me. Guns of Boom is free to its core. Even though they have in purchase which still not directly influence games. But like everything it has its darkside too.

Things which you might HATE


Low earning (duh)

GoB guns are cheap, reason? The amount your received are too low. For first rank you will receive just 400 bucks. For clearing daily quest you will get paid 1200 gunbucks at 22+ level. Also, golds are hard to get.

No Direct In Game Purchase

You must be wondering why GoB not have booming In game purchase. Right. I see in other countried you can buy gun by paying directly. I am not sure though. As an Indian, the only options I have are –

  • You can buy Gold
  • You can buy booster pack which double your rewards

Game does not allow you to buy Gun bucks directly. You can buy gold. If you have put a little of your mind in thinking the concept. You must curse developer. They played a good trick. TBH I leave it for you to think. Why they are not selling guns and gun bucks instead selling gold and booster.

No In game recording for Android

Their is an option but don’t works. Its not for me but other people too. Thanks to few who confirm.

In iPhone it works quite right. Also, developer introduced AR technology to spectate full map in Argument ed Reality.

No Graphic Adjustment

Hopefully it works A-OK on my Vivo Y53. But, having graphic settings would be cool.

Still Needs Improvement


  1. Update 2.6.0 fixes connectivity issues which showing red signal icon even on speed connection. Still its no fixed properly and display connectivity issue sometime on 2Mbps connection.
  2. Developer should introduce a in game recording or Unity ReplayKit for recording videos. But they are not so, use DU Recorder for the purpose. No lag while recording using DU Recorder app.
  3. More customization : costume, mask, head, armor required.
  4. Their are lot of time where cases reward you duplicate items. Hope they remove the redundancy in later updates.

Okay, that’s enough improvement sectors. I hope you’re enjoying this review like you review this game. I would like to read your opinion on this game too. Please use the comment section for the same.


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