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What is Google Tez? Get Tez Promo Code with Referral Link

google tez

Google Tez is a new payment app by Google. Tez is made for sending money and splitting bills. Tez support variety of banks including Axis bank, HFDC, ICICI, Paytm, SBI and PNB. As well as, Tez also provide direct from UPI. Google Tez payment make it easy to pay with security of Google. Unlike UPI app like BHIM and Paytm Payment Bank, Tez is much faster and one provide similar authentication.

In order to create Google Tez account you will need only your Google account

100% Free

Google Tez does not charges tax for making Payment. Like BHIM UPI, Tez is free from judicatory charges. In order to make payment, just create account, link bank account and start paying in a snap.

Tez also does not charges you for receiving payment. When your friend send you payment it will directly transferred to your linked account. Just like PayPal but without taxes.

Tez is UPI

Tez is made with UPI. So, it supports almost all bank and payment bank available for Indians and NRI citizens. For the full list bank supported by UPI please go through this link.

Even though Tez is powered with UPI, it does not conflict with your other UPI based app like Paytm Payment Bank. Google has partnered with ICICI bank and other four banks to offer UPI service to their users. Once you get started with Tez it will create a separate VPA using your phone number. So, you don’t need to worry about having different UPI apps on your mobile.

Pay Nearby with Google

Google Tez allow you to send money to nearby friend. Tez allow you to send direct money transfer without any private number or UPI code. This will be done using a unique voice alert. Tez calls it Cash mode. Follow our guide for google tez referral link and tez promo code to get Rs.51 in your and your friends wallet.


How to get Rs.51 with Google Tez Promo Code

As an introductry app, google Tez allow you to get quick bucks using Google tez referral link. In order to get Rs.51 in yours and your friend account follow this tutorial. Follow this guide and make sure to use our unique link in order to get your well deserved reward.

Google Tez offer you and your friend Rs.51 only with our unique promo code

How to open Google Tez App Account and Start Paying

tezTotal rating – 148,608+
5 stars – 96,261+
Total installs – 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
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App developer – Google LLC
URL – Google LLC


  1. Download the app from this link – It will open play store, click Install button to start installing app.
  2. Open the app it will ask for account to use. Choose the gmail account for which you want to open google tez account. Later add account details like your name and set your 4 digit PIN.
  3. Once you done with it. This will send an SMS to approve your account.
  4. The verification will be done. Next step is to link your bank account.
  5. Enter account information and verify it with SMS. SMS will be sent automatically and charges you with standard SMS rate.
  6. Once the process is complete you will be able to send and receive money using UPI.
  7. Tez is partnered with ICICI so your UPI VPA will be account number @ icici
    For eg – 9999999000@icici where 9999999000 would be your phone number.

Your free Rs.51 will be shown in your Rewards section only if you use our link –

How to get Rs.51 Reward in your Google Tez (TRICK)

Installing the app is other thing and getting reward is other. In order to get your well deserved reward.

google tez reward

  1. Link your bank account if you’ve skipped already.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient balance to send to your friend or your own account.
  3. Transfer only Re.1 from your Tez app to some one else or your own account. In order to using google tez trick make sure you are not sending to same VPA number. Like if your Tez VPA is 9999999999@icici then the receiver VPA would not have similar phone number.
    Or send us Re.1 using this phone number –                     (Inbox me for number)
  4. Pay, after making payment you will receive Rs.51 which will be shown under reward section.
  5. In order to earn unlimited tez referral bonus money. Click on Offers link and open Invite and Earn tab. Click on Invite button and copy your Unique URL.
  6. Paste this link and whatsapp your friend or post it into social media.

Download Tez App from Play Store/App Store


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