Google Keep Review : What is it & Why it is Better than Evernote?

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Welcome to Google Keep review 2019. We’re talking about what has changed with it, and what new is possible with your favorite note making app.

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Google keep is a handy – dandy online note maker for web users. I just mentioned web because this is generally a online notepad. All it needs a device with web access. Say, a mobile or android smartwatch. Create a note and hit Done button and your note will be visible across devices. You can download its mobile app to gain more control over your notes & check out at regular basis.

Google Keep Review What is it and How to get one?

Well at this point you already get a clear idea that you need device to access it. But what device? It does not matters.

It works on your android phone, iPhone, google chrome, firefox, PC/Mac or even smartwatch. All you need is a gmail account to access it. But you can not access as a guest user. You must required a google account as it is a part of google suite.

How to Access Google Keep from Browser?

There are two ways to do so. First, when you’re using Google Chrome. And second when you’re not.

Access Google Keep from Google Chrome

  1. Open new tab.
  2. Make sure you are login to Google/Gmail.
  3. Click on square button (Google Apps) on the right section. Next to Gmail Images.
  4. Click on More and Click on Keeps.

Yet another way is to download chrome extension. Although I don’t really like it. Or same with you. Just access the easy to use web version for better experience.

Access from Non Chrome Browser

  1. Login to Google or Gmail.
  2. Open this URL
  3. Click bright blue Try Google Keep button
  4. The click on Web version
  5. That will open it for you.

Google Keep on Android/iOS

google keep android

  1. Download the official app from App Store or Play Store
  2. Open it from launcher
  3. Click on Get started and it automatically Sync your content.
  4. No need to login once login with Google accounts in your device.

For Smartwatches?

No need to download anything. Just dictate OK GOOGLE, Open KEEP or OK GOOGLE, TAKE A NOTE and start dictating.
Whats more convenient than this? Evernote, neither.

Google Keep User Interface and Experience

Google know that you don’t have to do stuff to keep notes. Talking about its web app, if you’re using chrome, you’re all set to open it in seconds. Once you open it. This note making app will present you with all your notes on the main section, labels on the left sidebar.

It start focusing on note editor. Start typing and your first note is ready in seconds. I have not used any other note making app for chrome such fast to compare.

The android app too is light weighted and made for quick access. In android and iOS app you can make note quite faster. Click on lower portion and start tapping on your keyboard once after you open it. No need to click save button, write and close app. That will be saved for you. Done. Its better than your mobile app.

Customize your Notes with Labels and Colors

The only app which can compete with style is MIUI default note app. That too has various customization, list making and cloud sync.But, handling a MIUI account is too difficult for me. Even for you too, that’s why I trust Google.

Keep allow you to sort, filter your notes with Labels. What more you can do is adding drawing and check boxes in your note. While it does not provide feature to add custom background. You can still use the color pallet to change background colors.

label in google keep
Color | Drawing | Labels

Sharing Google Keep Notes

Google does not allow direct sharing notes like Evernote. Although adding collaborators to notes is another great option for sharing. Your collaborators can edit notes other than viewing it.

How to Add Collaborators?

Well, its easy.

If you done typing a note, close it. Click on the very second icon exactly like below screenshot.

google keep collaborator

On the next popup enter the person email ID and click on save.

This way you can share your note with known person. But, its private. If you want to share your note on Social Media like Facebook, Google Plus or Reddit. Try this method.

The other way to share your piece of note is to Copy it as Google Docs.

Convert your note into Google Docs. Click on the more icon and then click on Copy to Google Docs.

google keep to docs

On Docs, Click on Share button, on the next popup click on advance. From there you can see shareable link but it is for collaborators online. Now you checkout for Who has access

google docs sharing setting google docs link sharing

Change the Private to either for Public or Anyone with link. And then click on save.

You can share that link with anyone.

Google Keep vs Evernote

google keep vs evernote

A little about my experience with Evernote

Before Keep, I used Evernote which is another free to use tool for making notes online. Even though it is free its not light weighted and does not have best cross platform approach like Keep. Also, its Desktop app is not as good as having a web app.

Issues with Evernote (“.”)

First, you need to access their website and login everytime. I am having an issue (or may be many like me) that chrome is not auto filling my info. So, I started with their desktop app which is either slow sometime or does not auto sync current keeps.
I had also faced issue where evernote duplicating my items.

Where is the difference?

Anyway, for making long post or articles draft it worked good. Later on I switched to keep for note making and note keeping. Google keep is not like Evernote apparently. Both are made for different purpose.

Where this allow full screen editing. Google keep has size limitations for desktop. Evernote is basically for keeping long notes say drafts. Keep, on the other hand is for quick notes. Evernote keeps the images in notes, Keep do it on better way. Below is a comparison.

For making descried list evenote performs well. For making quick list for deadline purpose, Keep is a keeper. Also keep schedules notes too which is pretty awesome. Keep show browser notification popup on deadline.

Evernote use book feature to sort and filter out notes. While keep uses labels. There is not much difference between both but having book is still a better option.

One more thing, it allow space limit for free member. But with google cloud service you won’t need to pay or care about limit. Read the Pro point #2 for more info.


Though both have different purpose. Google keep is no less than it. Their are few limitations with it, which is, obvious I say. Why would you like to share your personal quick notes, anyway? If yes, then use Collaborating option.

Plus and Minus of Google Keep

Something it misses – Cons

  • It does not support text formatting at all. You can not make text bold, italic, underlined, and add URL.
  • You can not insert images within contents. The images you upload visible only on top. This is because its made to save quick notes not for making and sharing articles.
  • No sharing allowed.

Silent Features they never Mentioned – Pro’s

  • You are not allowed to share notes other than collaboration. But the image you posted on it can be shared. Click on attached image and right click Open in new tab. Copy the URL and share that URL with anyone.
  • No space issue. Add as much images in a note as you want. I have added 16 images in a single note and I think I can add 30-40 more images. Their is no limit as it is on google cloud.
  • Grab images text. If your images has caption. You can paste that on your note. Click on three vertical dots (More) and click on that option.
  • The note you archive will not be visible to you. But, if you have collaborate that note. That will be visible for other users.

Sigh. That was long already?

Anyway, try keep by yourself and let me know how much you liked it.



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