Free App Review for Android and iPhone Apps

Free App Review for Android and iPhone Apps

free app review

Looking for a free app review? At Envy Tech Blog we will make a detailed review of your app without any cost. The one condition is your app must have quality to users and it should be free. For paid app, either you …

  1. send us reedem code to purchase the app from play
  2. send us APK file via gmail
  3. pay us via BHIM/Paytm/PayPal for the same amount of app
  4. need your own, everything you need to know about {your app/suite name}, contact us

The above payment condition will be applied only for price more than 20 INR. We have a strict policy of not using unlocked app from 3rd party vendor.


Terms & Conditions you Need to Follow

In order to get your free app review. You need to follow some simple rules. You should know that we’re not doing app reviews for attention. If we find any app helpful like this one we will make a review. We will ping you about your app via twitter.

free android app review

Type of Content We Support

  1. Learning or Teaching app.
  2. Productivity app.
  3. After-Root apps.
  4. Android or iOS app related to health and skin.
  5. App which aids mental health.
  6. Application which entertain mass media – Meme, listverse, tech news, local news, etc.
  7. Any other type of which should provide quality to its user.

Type of Content We Do Not Support

Even though it is easy to get your free app review from us. We have a strict policy toward choosing the app for review.

  1. Your application must not entertain any free recharge or earn money pattern.
  2. App must be free from nudity.
  3. Your app must be positive in nature and does not promote sadism or self hurting. However, we appreciate horror and dark humor theme.
  4. Your app must be clean from hijacking.
  5. Will be free from sexism, racism, feminism.
  6. We have an anti – religion policy here so we will not be consider Bible, Gita or Quran apps.
  7. No auto-bots (not transformer one) or auto-liker app please.

Article Structure & Features

A typical structure which we follow is

  • About company (if any)
  • About mobile app
    What it features
    Pricing (if any)
    How to use it
    Downside (don’t worry)
  • How it is unique in itself
  • Conclusion

Inside the article you will get a free backlink to your homepage. No play store or app store link will be mentioned. For more customization please mention this on message box. We will revert to you ASAP.

Your opinion will be appreciated by us.

How to Contact Us for Review

Their are multiple ways to contact us. You can either send us email at envytechblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks & Regards,
Envy Tech Blog Team