Flipkart Affiliate Review: Something you Should Avoid in 2018

flipkart affiliate review

Flipkart, one of the popular homegrown e-retail panel which serve millions of Indian on yearly basis. Yet this is the most ecommerce panel in one mean and another. Other than just broken links, fraud big billion days deals and expensive product placements. Flipkart has just hit the new low in 2018 (or late 2017, I am not sure). But, this time with their affiliate panel.

If you’re ecommerce affiliate, you might have know that Snapdeal had shutdown their panel in early 2017 (read more). I am not sure whether  they restarted the program cause at this point I already lose interest. So do with my fellow affiliates on the web sea. What was promising about Snapdeal that they had some good combo offers. Now, they are yet another deer in web jungle.

Now come to the exact point. Flipkart Affiliate is used to be hectic and now they became a cancer for affiliates. Usually small or not-so-flipkart-minded affiliates (like me). Just let me tell you what happened recently.

Flipkart new Payment Threshold requires you to reach atleast 5000 INR to get your payment. And for the EGV (electronic gift voucher) you need to have 2500 INR minimum as your affiliate earning. You can laugh if you like too.

And still the ecommerce giant, Amazon India still offering the minimum threshold as Rs.1000.

flipkart affiliate review cons
Dear Flipkart….

And if you don’t like to believe on it. Here is the mail thread.

flipkart affiliate policy change


flipkart affiliate fraud

Plus, I have not received any such mail which mention the policy change.

Is that your service flipkart. You offer 1% on mobile sale and think your blogging affiliate can cross such huge threshold by selling your site product? Amazon is way better to cross such hefty threshold.


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