Top 10 Amazing Facebook Features List in 2017 Which you Might Missed

facebook features list 2017

Facebook is keeping their website fresh with adding lot more features to it. But, it does not mean that they are improvising anything. Every new unique features is something we might have wished in past. Like, we would like to add security to our display picture, right girls (& boys … too)? Now, in this post we will see the best of facebook features list in 2017 which you might missed or don’t notice.

Cool Hidden Changes Facebook has Made This Year

Facebook stories, Status background are all the awesome addon in facebook features list. But, they are obvious to everyone now. Let’s we talk about those features which are either hidden inside or we’ve already missed. Don’t worry your friend envy is in charge.

Round Profile Picture

facebook round dp

This facebook feature is dope. I would always like to have a new layout for facebook picture. Now this time they do it.
Facebook does not show round dp in your profile page. But, on the comment section and status update section. Also, on your right sidebar for chats.
Facebook also added an option to quickly add frames in your dp. These frames can last for a preferred amount time, say a week.

Profile Picture Guard

facebook dp guard

Facebook genie is in command of ladies DP protection. Though facebook guard did nothing new to unlink display picture. Something from past you can do from privacy setting. You might have missed that your timeline also show your profile changed update. Right?
Now with the new profile picture guard. Your that particular also safe from stalkers.

To see it in action –

  • Click or Tap on your profile picture
  • Click on options once it loads in lightbox
  • Tap on “Turn on the profile picture guard”

Now from your profile page. Click on … on your cover then click on View as.

This will display your profile picture as Public.

GIF and Ask for Recommendation Status Update

facebook gif status update

Facebook now allow adding Gif (jif) to the post. It also suggest trending gif to add quickly to your status post. This topic is pretty self-explanatory so I am skipping it.

facebook ask for recommendation status update

The yet another cool update is Ask for Recommendation in any of the city you’re visiting or moved on. This leaves for your friends to add recommendation on map. If somesuggest a place. That will shown on map like below pic.

Cool, ain’t it?

Team Member

facebook page team member

This brand new and required feature can help identify person as a member of the specific page. Running a facebook page? This is how to enable it for you.

  • Login to your facebook page
  • Click on … below your cover image or From left quick links click on About
  • The team member option will be visible just next to the Story option
  • Click on Add yourself as a team member
  • From the next popup click OK
  • Done

Now, your friend will be informed that you own a facebook page. Best for companies who cares about their employees visibility.

Full Controls on Uploaded Videos

facebook video editor

Back when facebook introduced video feature. We can only upload a MP4 video with little to no controls over it. But now you can.

Facebook may be planning to conquer web streaming. Because now this facebook video editor feature will allow vloggers to gain more control over it.

And these controls includes


  • Adding title and tags
  • Adding CC/Captions/Subtitles with sync feature. You can also automatically generate captions.
  • Distribution privacy
  • Adding meta tags (custom labels) and identifier. Identifiers are for personal identification only.
  • Crossposting. Crossposting allow you to share same video on multiple pages you or someone else admin. I would like to cover this feature on a separate post. So, in order to get notified, please subscribe to our facebook page.

Page as Admin of Group

facebook page group admin

The future is here. Now a page could be a group admin too. In order to do that, you must admin a facebook page and group.

  • Access group from quick links
  • Go to Edit group settings
  • Scrolled to Linked Pages and click Link your Page
  • Choose the page and link it
  • The click on save
  • Now your page can also post content to your group

Invite Members to Group with a Personal Note

facebook invite with note

This is something I always wanted. Now you can send facebook group invite instead of add with a personal note. Check the above pic to find where and how to do it.

Improved News Feed Customization

There are lot more improvements done by facebook to provide you the right content. As you already know you can star your friends to see their news top over anything else. Their already an option available to select few pages to show their feeds on priorities.

facebook preferences page

Facebook now has maintained a complete new section to organize what you want first. Unlike the traditional. Facebook show it in a pop up dialog. Where you will find both facebook friends and pages. You can choose or remove news feed priority in just one mouse click.

To find it.

  • Open home page
  • Find next to News Feed from left sidebar
  • Click Edit Preferences

You can learn more about this feature and how to use from official support page.

QR code for your Facebook Page

If you have ever checked your gtmetrix. You will known facebook scripts takes synchronized loading with their API.  In simple word, using facebook page plugin can slow down page speed.

If you have some good people following and want to keep it on the top. You can use their QR code and put it in sidebar like I do. Scroll to very bottom if you’re mobile user and see their.

In order to get your qr code. Open facebook page admin and go to settings. From their click on publish link. And their you will find the QR code section with link to download images. Facebook also giving away a printable PDF which can be stick at your shop doors or office wall. Below is a sample of it.

facebook page qr code

Instant Games

facebook instant games

It was a mess in earlier days to find a quick to play game. After the launch of facebook standalone game app for windows. Facebook also introduced instant game feature to their website. This section includes short games like Pacman. So, if you’re in office and want to shift your mood without committing to heavy gaming stuff. Here is solution for it.

Well that’s all folks. If you have any cool suggestion like this. Please comment down.



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